Michel Falcon

Michel Falcon

People-First Culture and Customer Experience Expert

As a restaurateur and hospitality entrepreneur, Michel Falcon knows first-hand the value customer and employee experience plays in the success of a business, especially in today’s marketplace. Over the past 15 years, he has honed his People-First Culture philosophy, helping leading brands such as JP Morgan Chase, Verizon Wireless, and Lexus improve their customer experience, customer loyalty, and employee engagement. A master storyteller, Falcon uses real-world examples to show audiences how to leverage his signature philosophies to build exceptional company cultures that yield exceptional results.

Falcon began his career as a call centre agent at 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, where he was promoted five times within five years, eventually joining their operations management team. It was there he discovered his passion for entrepreneurship and the value of developing customer and employee-centric company cultures. In 2012, he opened his own business, Falcon Consulting Group, where he worked with multi-million- and billion-dollar companies across dozens of industries to enhance their people management and customer experience strategies. Past clients have included Subway, Alfa Romeo, Electronic Arts, McDonald’s, and many others.

In 2016, Falcon left the consulting world to join his business partners in owning and operating a portfolio of restaurants and venues in Toronto. Through applying his People-First Culture lens, these venues grew to earn tens of millions of dollars in profitable revenue with 200+ employees — all within two years. Falcon has been featured in publications such as Business Insider, Inc., Entrepreneur, Forbes, and TIME, and in 2018, he was hired by McDonald’s Canada to be their spokesperson for their National Hiring Day campaign.

Falcon is the author of the bestselling book, People-First Culture: Build a Lasting Business by Shifting Your Focus from Profits to People, and host of the podcast, People-First Culture. He is also the owner of Brasa Peruvian Kitchen, a fast-casual restaurant concept he intends on expanding throughout the world.

People-First Culture: Driving Results in a Market of Turbulence

With rapidly changing market conditions, the relationships we’ve built with customers and employees are under threat. Michel Falcon’s people-first culture framework can help organizations thrive under shifting conditions. He’ll show your audience how to formulate strategies to manage a decrease in revenue, develop a “bounce back program” when markets strengthen, and protect your brand’s reputation.

Falcon will share real-world strategies that are working for him and helping to mitigate market volatility. Audiences will leave with three tangible strategies that their company can implement within the next 30 days.

Give your team the confidence and roadmap they need to manage relationships with both customers and employees so that you’re in a position of strength when the market returns to normal.

Key takeaways:

  • 3-5 industry-specific strategies and desired outcomes.
  • A roadmap to align teams behind a framework to maintain strong relationships with customers and employees.

To ensure a customized presentation, Falcon hosts a private call with event organizers to learn more about your industry and specific pain points you’re trying to work around.

People-First Culture: Build a Business Your Customers, Employees, and Community Will Admire

If you truly want to become an authentic organization that builds lasting relationships with your employees and customers, it is essential to start building a people-first culture within your business. This concept emphasizes customer experience, employee engagement, and workplace culture, all of which is instrumental in becoming an effective leader and finding business success today.

In this presentation, Michel Falcon will share his proven “3P strategy” that helps organizations differentiate themselves in today’s highly competitive business landscape. He will illustrate its effectiveness by sharing case studies from well-known companies, such as Warby Parker and Amazon, as well as success stories from lesser-known companies, such as Howard Behar and The Beautiful People Company.

Next Generation CX: Customer Experience Strategies for 2023 and Beyond

Customer experience (CX) is the design of the interactions that your customer experiences with your company from beginning to end. CX is a key pillar for growing your profit and building a successful company.

In this presentation, Michel Falcon will share proven CX strategies that work across industries. He uses them within his business daily — a company that brings in over eight figures a year in revenue and has over 100 employees. Falcon also draws on these strategies when consulting for companies like McDonald’s, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Lexus.

Key takeaways:

  • A framework for customer experience design and customer journey mapping.
  • How to decrease the distance between your employees and your customers.
  • Steps to increase employee engagement with CX initiatives.

Become an Employee Magnet: Attract, Grow, and Retain Your Best Team

In this keynote presentation, Michel Falcon will share proven strategies to help build high performing teams. Supported by his People-First Culture philosophy and 3P strategy, Falcon will illustrate how he has designed employee experience programs for dozens of industries that have impacted millions of employees globally.

The People-First Culture Approach to Transforming Your Retail Experience

Operating as a retailer today is challenging. Consumers interact with brands through far more channels than ever before — meaning a unique and consistent customer experience is crucial to success. Michel Falcon’s People-First Culture shows retailers how they can create a sustainable model that delivers on this need. This experience-focused mindset finds balance between short-term actions and building lasting relationships for the long-term.

In this presentation specifically for retailers, Falcon will help your audience overcome challenges such as retaining talent, investing in learning and development for team members, and differentiating your company through customer experience.

Key takeaways:

  • The People-First Culture approach to building a team, making sure they are engaged, and delivering an exceptional retail experience.
  • How to improve the recruitment, interviewing, onboarding, and training of your talent.
  • How to leverage a “micro-customer experience” strategy to earn customer loyalty.

Steer Your Career: Important Steps to Create a Life of Your Dreams

Michel Falcon shares the valuable business and life lessons he has learned throughout his career from working as a call centre agent where he was promoted five times within five years to operating a hospitality company with 300 employees.

Falcon will candidly share what he knows now and what he wished he was taught when he was getting his career started. He remembers when he was first starting out and this topic is his way of paying it forward to help other emerging leaders. Nothing is off the table in this candid presentation and Q&A.