Chris Koch Headshot Oct 2022

Chris Koch

Renowned Motivational Speaker

Chris Koch doesn’t let limitations or obstacles stand in his way. Despite being born without arms and legs, Koch grew up like any other small-town kid — playing road hockey, causing mischief at school, and helping out on his family farm. Neither he or his family treated his disability like a tragedy, and instead used it to fuel his dreams. Today, Koch is a motivational speaker who inspires his audiences to continually challenge themselves and build the life they dream of.

Born in Lethbridge, Alberta, Koch was raised in the small farming and ranching community of Nanton, Alberta. Early on, he learned that he would not be raised with pity or sympathy. Sure, he had to do things a little differently and some tasks took him a little longer to complete than others, but he was determined to be just like the rest and was always treated just like the rest. After all, he still had a good head on his shoulders and with that, anything is possible.

Koch loves sharing his story and spreading his message of, “If I Can…” An avid traveler, marathoner, and farmer, his presentation reflects his full life. Simply put, Koch says, if I can do what I’ve done so far in my life, what’s stopping others from doing the same?

If I Can...

The limitations we face in life are often the ones we place on ourselves. Chris Koch’s inspirational “If I Can” presentation is about making the most out of life, with a focus on appreciating what we have instead of worrying about what we don’t.

Despite being born without arms and legs, Koch didn’t let limitations and obstacles stand in the way of achieving his goals and dreams. He still grew up working on his family farm, and has spent his adult life snowboarding, running marathons, and travelling independently.

If a guy without arms and legs can do all this, he says, we are all capable of some pretty amazing things. Sharing experiences and funny anecdotes from his life, Koch leaves his audiences motivated and empowered to build the life they dream of.