Jesse Brown


Jesse Brown

Digital Media Expert | Disruptive Journalist | Futurist

What does the future hold for Canada? Are our institutions and economy at odds with rapid technological and cultural change? Are we keeping up? From business to government to media, disruption is here. Technology and media expert Jesse Brown explains the challenging shifts ahead, and how to stay on top of them.

Jesse Brown runs Canadaland, the crowd-funded news site that has disrupted the way the Canadian media works. Its companion book is a #1 Globe and Mail bestseller, and the companion podcast is the #1 podcast in the country. At Canadaland, Jesse pioneered a new business model for news while uncovering scandals at the CBC, The Globe and Mail, and in government.

Jesse launched his career at CBC Radio, creating and hosting two national programs. He has contributed to such publications as The Guardian, The Toronto Star, Slate, Business Insider, and Vice, and his commentary has been broadcast on the BBC and on NPR. He has won the National Magazine Award for Humour and the Hillman Prize for Investigative Reporting.

Jesse is also a co-founder of Bitstrips, makers of Bitmoji, a cartooning app acquired by Snapchat and used by millions.

The Next Canada

What does the future hold for this country? Are Canada’s institutions and economy at odds with rapid technological change? Are we keeping up? From business to government to education, disruption is coming. Jesse Brown draws on his experiences in technology and media to present this fast-paced and thought-provoking keynote about the exciting and challenging shifts ahead, and how to stay on top of them.

Productivity and Collaboration in the Age of Digital Distraction

Has technology actually made us more productive, or does it just distract us with endless diversions? In this interactive presentation, Jesse Brown explains how the world’s most progressive organizations are rethinking productivity and tapping into the collaborative social dynamics of the transparent, networked workplace.

Millennials In Your Workplace

Few groups are as misunderstood as the rising Millennial generation. Described as entitled and vain, they are instead multi-skilled and versatile thinkers, and they are crucial to any organization’s future. In this funny and frank presentation, Jesse Brown explains how to understand Millennials, why they’re different, and why companies need to aggressively hire them to make great things happen.

How To Hustle

The economy you are being trained for no longer exists. To survive in today’s workforce, everybody needs to know how to freelance, contract, consult, and hustle. This is as true for lawyers as it is for writers. Jesse Brown has been gainfully self-employed for fifteen years–he’s done everything from internships and gopher work to hosting national radio shows and launching an internationally popular social media app. In this funny and informative keynote, Jesse shares his secrets on how to get in the door and make yourself valuable, how to manage your brand, and how to make the most of chaos.


Learn how to harness people-power to accomplish amazing things! Jesse Brown runs Canadaland, a news startup fueled by tiny monthly payments contributed by thousands of supporters. He shares his secrets and explains the toolbox developed by a new generation of entrepreneurs and project managers who are changing the world through crowdfunding.

How To Be Disruptive

Before disruption was cool, disrupting the class would get you sent to the principal’s office. Jesse Brown talks about the power of disruption via companies like Uber and AirBnB, and about his life spent going against the grain: from his career as a rebel digital journalist to Bitstrips, the app he co-founded, since acquired by Snapchat. A lively and thought-provoking keynote about the advantages of challenging the status-quo.

Canada's Secrets!

If you think of Canada as a progressive paradise of majestic woodlands and good manners, think again. Canada’s past (and present) are filled with embarrassing facts and events that we’d rather the world just ignore. But journalist and satirist Jesse Brown (author of The CANADALAND Guide to Canada) isn’t about to let that happen! A fun, funny and surprising look at Canada’s hidden files.