Manu "Swish" Goswami

Swish Goswami

Startup Canada's Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Swish Goswami has built a multi-hyphenate career at just the age of 23. He is the CEO of Trufan, a social intelligence platform that helps brands of all sizes make smarter marketing decisions. His company, which acquired SocialRank in late 2019, works with clients like Sony Music, Netflix, the NBA, the NFL and a plethora of small to medium sized businesses. A disruptor, curator, and a builder, Goswami shares his philosophies on the entrepreneurial hustle, personal branding, and the trends leading technology and business decisions today, to help individuals and organizations get noticed and engage in our fast-moving economy.

Goswami has given three TEDx talks, secured a publishing deal with Kogan Page and a sneaker deal with K-Swiss, and is an advisor/investor in popular social companies like Dunk Media, FaZe Clan and 6ixBuzzTV.

In total, Goswami has started six high-impact ventures in four industries, and has been recognized for curating the world’s first youth social capital fund; an online incubator for entrepreneurs based in rural areas; and, a mobile app that connects households, events, stores, and restaurants with leftover and excess food, with people in need of affordable and accessible food options.

For his entrepreneurial and philanthropic achievements, Goswami was inducted into Plan Canada’s “Top 20 under 20” and Bay Street Bull’s “30 under 30”, recognized as Startup Canada’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year and awarded the United Nation’s Outstanding Youth Leadership award.

Intrapreneurship: The Power of Corporate Entrepreneurship

Giving employees the freedom to engage in corporate innovation and development pays dividents. WeChat was a product developed internally by an employee at Tencent. Fast forward to today and WeChat makes up a majority of Tencent’s revenue annually. In this session, Swish will challenge your audience to find strategies to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset within a large organization. The result is feeling empowered and having positive impact within their immediate work team.

After the session, you will take away the following:

  • Strategies to foster a culture of intrapreneurship
  • Strategies for hiring the right people to support that culture
  • Techniques for keeping the workplace productive and considerate of mental health

You Inc.

Yesterday’s ancient campfires are today’s digital news feeds. From a 10-second snap to a 140-character tweet, social media has disrupted the way we tell stories. Today’s digital marketplace is noisier than ever and with everyone competing to share their story, storytelling has empowered some to rise with unheard and creative narratives while leaving traditional marketers that still treat social media as digital billboards in the dust.

In this session, Swish will teach you how to cultivate your personal brand which you have whether you want it or not. By sharing the do’s and don’ts behind engaging and effective social storytelling on various platforms including his favorite platform LinkedIn, Swish will help you build an entrepreneurial mindset, while perfecting social storytelling and selling yourself.

Future of Marketing

Today’s millennials rarely receive news and information via traditional media outlets (television, radio, print). Their eyes and ears are attentively staring and listening to content posted on various digital platforms. For a brand to compete in today’s age, they need to show that their bottom line can sustain this radical shift and Swish will help you ensure that by sharing tactics on how you can attract his generation’s attention and be primed to convert them to customers. In this talk, he will how platforms like Trufan, SocialRank, Dovetale and Superphone are the best ways for any brand or influencer to establish a one-to-one relationship with their customer.

The Golden Age of Social Entrepreneurship

If you’re a small business or corporation, learn why and how to incorporate a social entrepreneurial model into your business. Swish has consulted numerous companies include Google, American Express and Hootsuite and how they can adopt a more philanthropic approach to business.