Jamelle Lindo

Jamelle Lindo

Emotional Intelligence & Resiliency Expert

Jamelle Lindo has worked with thousands of professionals to help them level up through the practical application of emotional intelligence and mindfulness strategies. As an emotional intelligence leadership coach, trainer, and speaker with over 11 years of diverse learning and development experience, he is driven by his mission to empower leaders and professionals within organizations to realize their highest ideals, leading to healthy and diverse cultures, happy employees, and thriving businesses that make the world a better place.

Lindo is an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council, an invite-only organization for successful business coaches, and an associate certified coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), which represents the gold standard for professional coaching worldwide. Certified in the world’s leading assessment tool for measuring emotional intelligence (EQ-i 2.0), he uses this powerful tool to establish a scientific benchmark to begin his clients’ development journey.

As an in-demand speaker, Lindo focuses on teaching the importance of emotionally intelligent leadership amid today’s rapidly evolving digital environment. He is a charismatic, dynamic, and powerful presence on stage who compels his audiences to critically look at how they can use emotional intelligence and mindfulness to enhance their abilities and create winning cultures within their organizations.

Lindo is also committed giving back to his community in the greater Toronto area. Locally, he serves on the executive council for United Way and provides professional development workshops for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Canada and the Mississauga Board of Trade.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence and Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

As leaders and professionals, we have suddenly found ourselves in a completely unprecedented pandemic. This is a challenging and emotional time for all of us, yet we must continue to meet the needs of our businesses, our employees, and our clients as best we can. In this interactive virtual session, Jamelle Lindo explains how we can tap into the power of emotional intelligence and resilience to show up as our best selves in these times. All participants will walk away with an ability to define emotional intelligence as well as how to apply strategies for reducing stress, enhancing well-being, and building resilience.

The EQ Leader in Industry 4.0

We are living in the midst of the greatest digital proliferation in history which has come to be known as Industry 4.0. This comprehensive talk by Jamelle Lindo explores why emotional intelligence is becoming the single most valuable leadership and workplace skill today and as we move in the future. It brings forward the latest research to validate what business leaders and professionals can do to position themselves for success in the midst of today’s incredibly demanding and evolving digital world. All participants will walk away with an ability to define emotional intelligence and Industry 4.0 as well as how to apply strategies for enhancing emotional intelligence.