Brodie Lawson


Brodie Lawson

Host of Digital Content, The Snap Wrap & Brodie OT

What is it like to always have a front row seat at the CFL? From interviewing the league’s top players and coaches to sharing behind the scenes moments with fans, Brodie Lawson holds the job that many dream of. The host of Canadian Football League’s digital properties, including and all other CFL Channels, Brodie shares the lessons she’s learned on and off camera in her career, to help encourage young people to find their strength, set goals, and follow their dreams. In addition, Brodie is a dynamic and energetic host of events, who brings her enthusiasm to every stage.

Brodie appears on the CFL’s Digital series The Snap Wrap, Off Season/ On Record and vlogs for her behind the scenes look at the league for Brodie OT.

She is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with an honours degree in Information and Media Studies, and spent time with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and CBC Sports before joining the CFL team.

Do What You Love: A Guide for Young People on the Career Path

In her engaging keynote, Brodie Lawson encourages young people to follow their passions, worry less about money and ego and to focus on doing what they love.

Sport, Strength and Goal Setting for Young Women

Brodie Lawson draws from her own journey as a young woman following her dreams to encourage others in a similar position to stay positive about themselves, set goals, stay strong, and find success.

Who Are You? Creating Your Personal Brand

Brodie Lawson is as much a young woman working with the CFL as she is a brand unto herself. Brodie shares her secrets to “becoming a brand” and creating a personality that stands out among the pack.