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Dr. Joe MacInnis

Renowned Explorer | Leadership and Teamwork Expert

Joe MacInnis
CHC Helicopters
Joe MacInnis
CHC Helicopters

Some people are born leaders. The rest of us find ourselves in positions where leadership is required. Self-described as an “accidental leader,” Dr. Joe MacInnis has led or participated in more than fifty of the world’s most important expeditions and logged more time beneath the surface of the Arctic Ocean than any other scientist on earth. A medical doctor and expert on human performance in high-risk, high-stress environments, MacInnis is an eloquent and stirring speaker who shares the leadership lessons he’s learned from the high seas and beyond.

MacInnis is a physician, scientist, and author who led the teams that made the first science dives at the North Pole and built the world’s first polar undersea station. He was among the first to dive to the Titanic and has worked with the US Navy, the Canadian government, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and NASA. MacInnis also spent 80 days working with James Cameron on Cameron’s “DeepSea Challenge Project.” As Cameron’s digital journalist and team physician, MacInnis recorded the final construction of the sub, the initial tests in Australia, the first research dives in Papua New Guinea, and Cameron’s epic, 7-mile dive into the Mariana Trench. He has given keynote presentations on leadership to IBM, Microsoft, GE, National Geographic and the US Naval Academy.

The author of 10 books, MacInnis’ research has earned him six honorary degrees and Canada’s highest honour, The Order of Canada.

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Client reviews

  • Your keynote presentation to our 1800 Tech-Ed attendees was fantastic. They loved the video clips, your recent pioneering dives with Jim Cameron and how you related your story to their work in software development.

  • A most inspiring presentation. You took them on a journey into the heart of technology, teamwork and leadership. And you made everyone believe they had new worlds to explore.

  • I loved the way you wove our message throughout your presentation. You gave new meaning to the words trust, integrity, confidence and communication.

  • You were wonderful. Your inspiring words and images helped make this the best meeting we’ve ever had.

  • Your content was right on the mark, your videos were breath-taking… that’s why we gave you a standing ovation.

  • Very impressive. You took us on an astonishing undersea journey, introduced us to inspiring individuals and events and made it relevant to our work in medicine and cardiology.

  • A brilliant presentation. Thanks for reinforcing our GE Energy theme—complex networks-complete solutions— with your words and stunning images

  • The insurance agents loved your leadership insights and how you connected them to your work deep under the sea. Your video clips were breath-taking.

  • The audience loved your energy, optimism and insights. And your visuals were astonishing. It was the perfect ending to our four-day conference.

  • Thank you again for your wonderful message on teamwork and leadership. Our Boy Scout fundraising breakfast was a massive success and you made it a memorable event!

  • We gave you a standing ovation because your words and images were the perfect opening for our ‘Building Value Together’ conference.

  • Thank you for your inspiring and motivating presentation. It was a wonderful start to our two-day conference.

  • Dr. MacInnis’ presentation was awesome, in the true sense of the word. His passion and unscripted stories of teamwork and struggle resonated with me, as with the other members that I spoke with. In fact, the entire discussion at my table that evening over dinner revolved around the presentation. I would recommend Dr. MacInnis to any group that understands the importance of a strong and dedicated team.

  • It was very well received by one and all, and delivered in a truly professional manner.  We were delighted.

    It was a genuine pleasure to meet such a true gentleman who has achieved and experienced so much so far.

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