Roman Danylo

Roman Danylo

Stand-Up and Improvisational Comedian

For over 20 years, Roman Danylo has been an entertainer, emcee, and keynote speaker for some of biggest names in the corporate world. He’s dazzled companies such as Glaxo Smith Kline, Hewlett Packard, BMO, Manulife Financial, and hundreds more. Often invited into the world of annual general meetings, sales conferences, and company awards nights, Danylo uses his comedy improv skills to team-build, brainstorm, and break the ice, or whatever it is his client needs. Sharp, funny, and quick on his feet, Danylo is a delight in everything he does.

In Hollywood, Danylo starred in the UPN Series Off Limits, and has been featured on NBC’s Late Friday. He has also appeared in the films Duets with Gwyneth Paltrow and Happy Birthday with John Goodman. In addition, Danylo hosted a talk show pilot produced by David Steinberg, appeared in a live sketch review show with Martin Short, and has been featured as a dramatic actor in television shows such as Jeremiah, Outer Limits, and Sliders.

In Canada, Danylo has guest hosted several episodes of CBC Radio’s The Debaters and was featured in the television series for the show. He has appeared or starred in several Canadian TV series including CTV’s Corner Gas, CBC’s Made in Canada, CTV’s The Holmes Show, and on The Comedy Network’s Just For Laughs Improv Championships, and many more. For five years, Danylo starred in his own sketch comedy series on CTV and Spike TV called Comedy Inc.

In 2004, Danylo won a Leo Award for his performance in CBC’s Western Alienation Comedy Hour and has been nominated twice for a Gemini for his performance in Comedy Inc. He also hosted a gala at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival on CBC and has performed two gala sets for The Halifax Comedy Festival. For the past 10 years, Danylo has been producing international touring comedy shows.

Comedy, Satire, and Music

Roman Danylo’s one man show combines these skills in a fast-paced, hilarious evening perfect for any occasion. Before every event, Danylo gathers information from the organizers and customizes a show for their audience. Whether it’s a regular comedy club crowd, Hewlett Packard Staff Party, or BC Funeral Directors Luncheon (tough crowd), Danylo has over 10 years of experience and always gets them laughing.

It’s big time interactive too!  Often audience members are invited on stage to join Danylo in improvised scenarios, and no matter how witty, lame, or inebriated the volunteer is Roman will say yes to anything and mold their oozing… or seeping creativity into hilarious sketches. Mix in some stand-up and ridiculous character monologues and you get “A Delightful Romp with Roman Danylo”!

THINK FAST! Using Spontaneity and Humour to Generate Ideas in the Workplace: A Keynote Seminar and Teambuilding Workshop

Comedian Roman Danylo explains the mechanics behind letting loose creative ideas. Using the “rules” of improvisational comedy, Roman Danylo leads a group of volunteers from your conference and trains them how to think on their feet, adapt to constant change, incorporate the ideas of others, and brainstorm in and outside the box. A fun filled seminar complete with insight into the nature of original thought and exercises that can tap into any group’s creativity. Your group will laugh, learn, and bond like never before. If you are looking for an exciting and informative new team build seminar, you better… THINK FAST!

The Improvisors

Roman Danylo gathers some of the best improviser from around the world to create customized comedy shows perfect for any occasion. The troupe improvises comedy sketches based on audience suggestions. The shows involve fun, interactive audience participation and can also incorporate specific client information.

With 25 years of experience on the comedy scene, Roman Danylo has worked with some of the best improvisers in North America on TV projects like CTV’s Comedy Inc., CBC’s Comics, and as host of The Just For Laughs Improv Championships and CBC’s Improv Comedy Games. Danylo has produced improv comedy shows at festivals, theatres, corporate events, cruise ships, and comedy clubs around the world.

No matter if it’s a two-person cast for a small corporate function or a six-person cast for a theatrical spectacle, Danylo will hand-select the best improvisers for the event. Whether your event is in Australia or Newfoundland, Danylo will not only put together the best improvisers for the job. He can usually gather performers close to the area to reduce overall travel costs.