Mandy Gilbert

Mandy Gilbert

Entrepreneur, CEO & Innovator

Having successfully built two international businesses from the ground up, Mandy Gilbert has been recognized as a United Nations Global Accelerator and ranked as one of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs on Canadian Business‘ Profit 500 list and Chatelaine‘s W100 list. With a straightforward and no-nonsense approach, Mandy speaks on entrepreneurship, leadership, culture, talent, and building a professional brand, all grounded by her own journey from a “one woman show” to founder of multi-million-dollar enterprises.

In 2002, Mandy started Creative Niche​, a specialized recruitment firm, with just $8,000. Today, it brings in more than $10 million in sales and has successfully placed thousands of creative, digital, marketing, and advertising talent across North America. In 2015, Mandy co-founded​ ​RED Academy, a technology and design school set in an agency-style environment that focuses on real client projects in UX/UI design, web development, and digital marketing. RED has now graduated more than 1,500 students and employs 50 full-time staff across its three campuses in Vancouver, Toronto and London, UK.

A graduate of the EO/MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program and the world-renowned Bell Leadership program, Mandy writes weekly columns for​ ​Inc. Magazine​ and a monthly feature for the Financial Post​. She is also a Director for The Remix Project, an organization that works on leveling the playing field for young people from disadvantaged communities.

Talent Attraction and Retention

In the last 15 years, Mandy and her team have interviewed over 10,000 people and successfully worked with hundreds of business leaders and entrepreneurs. Mandy will share valuable insights on what top talent want today, what leaders are doing to win top talent, and retention strategies you can implement in your business to keep your top performers engaged and productive.

Leading High Performance Teams

As leaders, we will only be successful if we can effectively delegate and lead high performance teams; yet, time and time again, we get in our own way. From micromanaging to burning out, our habits become a form of self-sabotage. Mandy’s presentation speaks to the evolution of her leadership style, including significant challenges she faced, how she overcame them, and her path to effective leadership. It’s these attributes that led to her co-founding a second business while still maintaining a personal life.

This presentation is suited for new and experienced business leaders and managers. Audience members will walk away with practical tips and ideas they can apply to all facets of their lives, both personally and professionally.

An Entrepreneurial Journey

Many entrepreneurs start businesses because they have been successful at a particular skill; however, as they start to grow, they get into trouble. Scaling their companies becomes a huge problem. With growth comes scrutiny, and all eyes are on them while they attempt to figure it out. Hiring and firing, opening international offices, navigating a personal life, and all of challenges that come in between, Mandy shares her journey and key learnings from her experiences along the way.

Building Your Personal Brand

Young professionals usually think of social media when evaluating their personal brand. This session is about the importance of alignment between goals, values, and desired outcomes and an individual’s reputation. In this presentation, Mandy touches on topics and tips that range from having the confidence and courage to ask for increased responsibility and compensation to understanding the importance and value of self-awareness and going over and beyond as you develop and build your career.

Leading as a Woman

Women are better represented in business now than ever before, but still have a long way to go in navigating roles in leadership and entrepreneurship. Mandy will speak about ways to overcome insecurities and step-up to the plate in order to become a greater force in the business world. This includes never apologizing for your success, embracing your mistakes, taking risks, and managing the pressures of work-life balance.