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Keep the Learning Alive: Ron Tite’s Activation Growth Lab

Keep the Learning Alive: Ron Tite’s Activation Growth Lab

Keynote speeches are powerful tools to inform and inspire. What if there was a way to maximize their impact on your team and organization?

Unfortunately, you can’t take a keynote speaker home with you, but we can offer you the next best thing. Many of our keynote speakers offer add-on learning experiences as a complement to their keynote presentations. These include:

  • Workshops or breakout sessions: These in-person or virtual sessions may include interactive activities, group discussions, or hands-on exercises to reinforce learning.
  • Follow-up consultations or coaching: Available as pre-recorded or live virtual sessions, these provide personalized guidance and support to help attendees apply concepts discussed to their unique circumstances.
  • Online resources: Access to exclusive articles, whitepapers, videos, etc., providing attendees with additional insights and information to be reviewed at their own pace.
  • And more!

Keynote Add-Ons in Action

One of our most popular speakers, Ron Tite recently put together a keynote add-on that supports all of his keynote programs. It’s a comprehensive work plan that ensures the messages from his keynotes are customized and implemented by every single person in every single department in every single unique situation.

The Think Do Say Program

Ron is an award-winning creative director and expert in purpose-driven leadership. His informative keynote presentations — infused with his unique humour — address a variety of topics surrounding leadership, corporate strategy, and creativity.

Drawing from his bestselling book, Think Do Say — a guide to help people find personal and corporate success in today’s fast-changing world — Ron helps people stop chasing and start succeeding through his streamlined, three-step framework: Think, Do, Say.

  1. Thinking is your beliefs and values. It’s not your product, it’s your purpose.
  2. Doing is the decisions you make and actions you take to live your values.
  3. Saying is how you communicate your values and actions: the internal and external selling, marketing, and promotion.

To extend the impact of his keynotes, Ron now offers additional support to implement his program, just as he does with his own clients through his company, Church+State, an agency that unifies content and advertising. His diverse range of clients include Google, Walmart, DoorDash, Mackenzie, Unicef, Scouts, Lexus, and many others.

The Activation Growth Lab

Called the Activation Growth Lab, this add-on is offered in three different formats to best suit the needs of Ron’s unique audiences:

  1. A live in-person session immediately following his keynote onsite.
  2. A pre-recorded video with guide sent as a follow up so participants can complete the lab on their own time when it’s most convenient for them.
  3. A live virtual session complete with workbooks, Q&A, and facilitated discussion led by Ron at a date convenient for you.

The perfect complement and companion to any of his keynotes, the Activation Growth Lab allows audiences to “bring Ron home with them” and keep the learning alive long after the event is over.

Contact Us to Learn More

Contact us for more information about Ron Tite and how his comprehensive programs can clarify your organization’s path to success in today’s busy, busy world.

Plus, the next time you’re looking to hire a speaker for your event, ask us about keynote add-ons and how they can help maximize the impact of your keynote event.

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