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Future-Ready Leadership: Adapting to Transformative Change

Future-Ready Leadership: Adapting to Transformative Change

Rapid technological advancements combined with ever-shifting workplace dynamics — it’s no wonder leadership has consistently topped our list of most requested topics. The demand for transformative leadership, capable of guiding people through substantial change while nurturing individual growth, has never been more pronounced.

We’ve rounded up three of our most popular blogs in February, all of which explore different facets of what it means to be leaders in the 21st century, from becoming a transformative leader to building change resilience and helping the next generation of leaders thrive in our tech-centric future.

How to Be a Leader for the 21st Century

Yassmin Abdel-Magied

With workplaces changing at a rapid pace, the management and leadership styles of the past no longer serve the workplace of the future. Leading an organization through transformational change demands transformational leadership. Yassmin Abdel-Magied — an internationally renowned speaker on leadership — helps leaders and organizations around the world bridge that gap.

A transformative leader, Yassmin says, is somebody who can take an organization through a period of change — big or small — so that not only the organization changes but the people who work there are transformed.

Discover the five key characteristics that transformative leaders share and why this type of leadership is needed now more than ever to find success in the future of work.

Leading with authenticity, self-awareness, humility, collaboration, and interdependence fosters the individual and organizational agility needed to augment the skills of the past with the skills needed for the future.

How to Lead Through Change with Confidence

Dr. Ivan Joseph

A lot of people experience an intense emotional and physiological response to change, ranging from anger to fear to grief. In a protective move, your brain releases a dose of adrenaline that literally floods your system making it difficult to concentrate and often leaving you with feelings of panic or overwhelm.

The bad news — this is a totally normal thing to happen that many (if not all) of us have or will experience. The good news — we all have the power to overcome this natural response to change.

An award-winning performance coach and expert on leadership and cultural transformation expert, Dr. Ivan Joseph shares strategies on how we, as leaders and high performers, can develop the necessary skills to manage our physiological responses to change and build our change resilience.

By acknowledging in-the-moment what’s happening in your mind and body, you can take action to restore yourself. Each time you do this… your brain will reward you with a release of serotonin. You can draw on that boost to face the next step on your way to mastering change.

How to Develop the Next Generation of Leaders

Dwayne Matthews

In an era where the skills necessary for the future of work are constantly evolving, future of education strategist Dwayne Matthews is at the forefront of building a robust, future-ready education system that can effectively prepare people for the jobs of the future.

Dwayne recently joined renowned tech expert Amber Mac for a live LinkedIn conversation to discuss the future of education. He shared fascinating insights into the future of learning, the transformative impact of AI, and how new technologies can help us reach previously untapped potential.

Today, the idea that we stop learning after post-secondary is dead. Ongoing learning has to be a part of our lives now, both personally and professionally, if we want to thrive in our fast-moving world.

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