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Roadmap to Impact: Drew Dudley’s Transformative Leadership Program

Roadmap to Impact: Drew Dudley’s Transformative Leadership Program

There’s no shortage of leadership on the planet; however, the vast majority of people don’t give themselves credit for it. This is where Drew Dudley steps in. An internationally acclaimed leadership speaker, he’s on a mission to redefine leadership and empower us all to embrace our inner leader.

Are you comfortable calling yourself a leader? Drew has asked that question to hundreds of organizations around the world. Fewer than 1% of them have had half of the people in the room raise their hands. That’s a problem Drew aims to solve through his presentations and engagements.

Drew’s new “Roadmap to Impact” presentation collection explores some of the most impactful behaviours needed to thrive in today’s new world of work — courage, growth, empowerment, class, and self-respect. Get a preview of Drew’s new program by registering to attend his FREE Roadmap to Impact keynote presentation series launch event.

A New Kind of Leadership

Rather than viewing leadership through the traditional lens of what we possess (i.e., salaries, titles, accomplishments, power, or influence), Drew believes we should characterize it based on who we are and how we behave because leadership is not the characteristic of an elite few, but something that lives within all of us.

To jumpstart this form of leadership, Drew shows audiences how to be purposeful and consistent in creating powerful moments of interpersonal impact everyday, and then how we can use those moments as tangible evidence to demonstrate why we matter to ourselves and others. This starts by:

  • Determining the values that highlight who we are and what we believe.
  • Define and assign those values to specific commitments of daily actions and behaviours.
  • Leverage “the power of the unanswered question” — ask ourselves at the end of each day how we utilized those actions and behaviours for the benefit of oneself and others.

Collectively, these values and behaviours build one’s “personal leadership philosophy” and empower individuals to become the person they want to be and create and live the life they want to lead.

In 2010, fresh off of delivering his memorable TEDx talk, Drew himself was struggling to maintain his well-being and live the life he wanted to lead. Despite inspiring audiences worldwide to embrace the practice of everyday leadership, his undiagnosed bi-polar disorder, alcohol addiction, and compulsive eating were taking their toll on his mental and physical health.

Drew credits this process with saving his life — he began applying it daily to improve his mental and physical health. Recognizing how many people were struggling silently with similar battles, Drew infuses these experiences into his keynotes to show people that their scars in no way stand in the way of their leadership capability.

The Roadmap to Impact

Drew’s passion for personal leadership has inspired millions of people worldwide to embrace the belief that leadership is something to which we all can and should aspire. His powerful stories and practical insights have helped shift the narrative on leadership from more traditional perspectives to a more practical focus on who we are as individuals and how we behave.

When people are empowered as leaders they make better, faster decisions, Drew says. They collaborate more effectively and they’re far less likely to leave an organization. Workplaces that empower employees through cultures of leadership report higher levels of pride, productivity, happiness, and retention.

Drew’s new “Roadmap to Impact” presentation collection is the engine to help people behave more impactfully every day. In addition to his two core presentations — “The Leadership Test” and “This is Day One”, both of which help individuals identify, define, and evaluate their daily leadership behaviours — Drew offers four supplementary presentations to help guide audiences in socializing these values in the face of change, uncertainty, failure, and conflict. These presentations are:

  1. Courage: Leadership Impact in Action, which focuses on navigating change and helping audiences to reinforce their ability to act with impact and courage in times of uncertainty.
  2. Elevate Don’t Escalate: Leading with Impact and Living with Class, which identifies — and offers solutions to — some of the most common sources of interpersonal conflict.
  3. Growth and Empowerment: Leading Beyond an Economy of Scarcity, which offers practical strategies in how to create and sustain a culture of collaboration and reinforces the power of supporting others in reaching their goals.
  4. Self-Respect: The Foundation of Leadership. Easily Drew’s most personal presentation, this keynote shares the strategies he used to prioritize self-respect in his daily leadership routine, and reminds audiences that leadership growth can only occur when we recognize that a gap exists between the people we want to be and how we are behaving.

Each presentation can stand alone or serve as part of an integrated series.

In celebration of the launch of his new “Roadmap to Impact” program, Drew is presenting each of his new keynotes in a free two-week program that runs Tuesday, April 26 to Thursday, May 5. Learn more and register for the event here.

Interested in learning more about Drew Dudley and what he can bring to your next event as one of the most inspiration TED speakers in the world? Email us at [email protected].