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Hamza Khan’s New Book Offers Tools for Modern Leaders

Hamza Khan’s New Book Offers Tools for Modern Leaders

As the way we do business is rapidly under transformation thanks to the impact of technology, innovation, and world events, it’s equally important to make sure our approach to management and leadership changes too and is equally modern. This is the impetus behind Hamza Khan’s latest book, Leadership, Reinvented, which was released last week.

In his new book, the award-winning marketer and entrepreneur argues that traditional leadership has been long overdue for reinvention. To that end, Hamza set out to provide exercises, techniques, strategies, and tools for leaders at all organizational levels. He hopes to equip readers with the skills based on four crucial pillars of success in management roles: empathy, serving others, diversity, and innovation.

Hamza provided an excerpt from an early chapter of Leadership, Reinvented, offering a kind of mission statement for his new work and the inspiration for it.

In 2015, I delivered a polarizing TEDx talk titled “Stop Managing, Start Leading.” On one hand, it inspired and validated my fellow modern leaders. On the other, it startled and even insulted our traditional counterparts. Just over five years later, our world has drastically changed. And my TEDx talk has resonated globally, amassing over a million views (and counting). It’s confirmation that we’re ready to move away from avoidant, aggressive, and authoritarian manifestations of leadership, towards something more transformational. Something that bucks mere economic self-interest and promotes more equitable and sustainable outcomes.

Leadership has long been overdue for reinvention.

A quick survey of our shifting surroundings reveals as much: from Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling to Harvey Weinstein’s arrest; from the long-overdue ruling in favor of LGBTQIA+ workplace protections to the inevitable George Floyd protests; the call for a sweeping reset can no longer be ignored. This book’s focus on the values of servitude, innovation, diversity, and empathy is purposeful. Attention to these values has been sorely lacking in the models that produced the asymmetry that has been destabilizing our world until recently.

Whether you’re a recently promoted leader, a leader on the track to promotion, or a leader keen on shifting your perspective, I hope this book will serve you well. And in doing so, I hope that it will empower you to serve others just as well.

Hamza Khan is a multi-award-winning marketer, bestselling author, and global keynote speaker whose TEDx talk “Stop Managing, Start Leading” has been viewed over a million times. He shares actionable insights on resilience, productivity, and leadership to help people and organizations thrive in the future of work. Through his consulting, writing, teaching and speaking, Hamza empowers people and businesses to transform ideas into action.

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