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Bob McDonald’s New Book Explores Solutions to Today’s Climate Crisis

Bob McDonald’s New Book Explores Solutions to Today’s Climate Crisis

Over the course of the pandemic, Venice’s waters returned to a sparkling blue, whales returned to Vancouver’s harbours, and deer were spotted roaming the cities of Italy. The Global shutdown showed us that a greener future is achievable; Bob McDonald explores how in his forthcoming book, The Future Is Now: Solving the Climate Crisis with Today’s Technologies.

Bob is one of Canada’s best-known science journalists and the bestselling author of five non-fiction books that explore the wonders of science and space travel. His forthcoming book, The Future of Now available September 27, 2022 — is our guide to a greener future and explores new technologies that can help us counter climate change.

This is not another “wake-up call” or plea to heed the climate science, instead it is a work of immense optimism to counteract the sense of doom that too often hangs over our discussions of the environment. It is an exploration of the incredible technologies that our species can use to get out of the mess we’ve made for ourselves.

While many alternative energy sources have existed for decades — wind, solar, and geothermal — Bob explores the additional global energy sources that will be needed to sustain our planet for the long-term. This includes small nuclear reactors the size of an office desk and space-based solar power satellites with enormous mirrors that can capture sunlight, convert it to microwaves, and beam it to the ground to light up entire cities.

Green technology is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy and will only continue to skyrocket as current products improve and new products emerge. A new green age is upon us — and Bob wants to help us get there.

Bob McDonald has been making science accessible to the public for more than 40 years as one of Canada’s best-known science journalists. He is the host of CBC Radio’s Quirks & Quarks, as well as a science correspondent for CBC News’ The National.

The Future of Now is available on September 27, 2022. Interested in learning more about Bob and what he can bring to your next event as a keynote speaker and bestselling author? Email us at [email protected].