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Innovation in Events: Tech Trends to Watch

Innovation in Events: Tech Trends to Watch

ChatGPT catapulted us into the next wave of artificial intelligence, but how will it and other new technologies impact the events industry?

In celebration of Global Meetings Industry Day, we asked our experts on AI and digital transformation to share what new innovations or technologies event planners should be paying attention to today, and how they will influence our industry moving forward.

From new AI-driven tools to mixed reality and, yes, holograms — we’ve got your answers below.

The Future of Events Isn’t AI; It’s Human

Shawn Kanungo

Shawn Kanungo

Strategy in a World of Disruption

The meteoric rise of ChatGPT and the entire generative AI space has taken the world by storm and will have a massive impact on event professionals. We are entering into the “Narrator Economy” — where AI tech can narrate based on simple text prompts and create extraordinary results, from art to code to content to websites and more.

This gives event planners an incredible AI co-pilot. Platforms, like Midjourney and DALL-E, can help planners create compelling set designs and visual assets to help market their events. There are companies using GPT-4 to help planners with venue research, crafting emails, garnering advice on contractual issues, customer service, and brainstorming content ideas.

The future is here! Event professionals must experiment with these tools today, especially as the space is growing at an exponential scale. But, amidst the AI revolution, this means planners can focus more on creating spectacular event experiences, designing collision points with attendees, and learning from world-class keynote speakers.

The future of events is not AI. The future of events is human.

A globally recognized innovation and disruption strategist, Shawn Kanungo provides audiences with an optimistic roadmap for the future.

Enhanced Networking Opportunities

Leonard Brody

Leonard Brody

Multi-Exit Entrepreneur | Business and Technology Visionary

The best thing event planners can do is use technology to create a seamless onboarding experience and enhance networking opportunities.

I would look into using AI and sophisticated networking tech to match people up before the conference even occurs. Send them emails that say, “you should meet this person” and get them excited about the opportunity.

The better networking you can provide, the more value your event brings. That’s the biggest advantage new tech brings to the event space — it can enhance what is already the most valued part of an event.

Called “a leader of the new world order”, Leonard Brody is a business and technology visionary whose compelling, customizable talks address the rapid pace of change, innovation, and disruption facing us all, and what to do about it.

The Three Ps: Planning, Promotion, and Production

Amber Mac

Amber Mac

Technology and Innovation Speaker | Co-Host, The Feed on SiriusXM | President, AmberMac Media, Inc.

Emerging technology can help event planners with three key areas, which I like to call the 3 Ps: Planning, Promotion, and Production.

Planning: Collaborative online tools such as can help with brainstorming and productivity.

Promotion: AI-driven tools such as can create marketing copy in a flash or try Canva’s new AI feature to automate video editing.

Production: The best tools to livestream your online or hybrid event include tech to keep your audience engaged (e.g. polls, chat, etc.). Choose a tech platform that focuses on broadcasting AND networking. Too often, event planners forget that online engagement is possible and should be a priority. Plus, save your video recordings to produce additional post-event social clips.

Considered by many to be the go-to tech expert, Amber Mac helps companies and audiences stay ahead of the curve. She is an industry veteran and offers clarity and a passion for digital innovation in all forms.

A Mixed Reality Future of Events

Andrew Au Headshot Jan 2023

Andrew Au

Global Thought Leader on Digital Transformation and Culture Change

Event planners should be keeping an eye on three main technologies — artificial intelligence, holograms, and mixed reality.

Artificial Intelligence

Event teams are constantly under pressure to respond to last minute changes and requests. Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, can be a powerful digital assistant that can help with spinning up descriptive content or brainstorming attendee experience ideas.


Today, you can beam speakers from anywhere to live events with real-time interaction. I’ve been beamed several times, and I can confidently say it works extremely well with near-zero latency. As a speaker, I could see and hear the audience as if I was physically there. Attendees also love the novel experience.

Mixed Reality

While there’s debate on the future viability and direction of this technology, I believe it will win in the long run. Being able to bring holograms into our physical world isn’t just novel — it has powerful use cases. With the use of a mixed reality headset, event planners can experience a venue, design floor plans, and simulate vendor booths from anywhere. Today, architects, engineering firms, and manufacturers are using this technology to support design, fabrication, production, and field support workflows.

When companies like Microsoft, FedEx, and 3M want to accelerate innovation, they call Andrew Au. He helps organizations respond to the now and prepare for what’s next.

AI Will Revolutionize Your Day-to-Day

Mitch Joel Headshot

Mitch Joel

Business Transformation and Digital Marketing Expert

This new batch of artificial intelligence tools will change the everyday work life for event planners (if it hasn’t already). That isn’t some braggadocious statement.

Not only have I spent a lot of time playing with these tools, they have now become interconnected with almost every aspect of my everyday workflow as a professional speaker. You can take that as a warning or an opportunity.

Tools like ChatGPT (but well beyond the text-based tools) can be your brainstorm buddy, junior copywriter, copy editor, voiceover artist, photo editor, research assistant, virtual assistant, etc.

So, here’s my hot take on ChatGPT and other AI-assisted writing and editing tools — I know they work, mostly because no one has been able to notice when I am (or when I am not) using them (like right now?). And, if that isn’t the power of helping to create better work (with what feels like a hint of magic), well… I don’t know what is. I do know that using an AI chatbot to do all of the writing (editing, creating, etc.) is not as powerful as using it to assist in the beginning and the final process of the work’s creation.

Might AI disrupt the event planning business? It will… eventually. The win?

  • Think assisting… not creating.
  • Think research… not facts.
  • Think frameworks… not boring content.
  • Think questions… not answers.
  • Think helpful… not replacing.

With tools like ChatGPT, you can get creative inspiration and bounce ideas off of it. It can help you refine your event planning and suggest different angles you might have missed. Pay attention to AI… now.

Called “one of North America’s leading visionaries” by Strategy magazine, Mitch Joel helps leaders build their business today to meet the demands of tomorrow.

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