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2024 Trends: How AI and Technology Will Shape the Year Ahead

2024 Trends: How AI and Technology Will Shape the Year Ahead

The exponential impact of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies are two of the most powerful forces re-shaping how, where, and why we work. This is why digital transformation is one of the most requested topics from our guide to the future of work.

In part three of our 2024 Trends content series, where our expert speakers have been sharing their “trends to watch” in three key areas — leadership, workplace culture, and AI/technology — we asked some of our AI and digital transformation experts to share what tech trends their watching in 2024 and why we should be watching them too.

AI as the Great Equalizer

Michele Romanow

Michele Romanow

“Dragon”, CBC’s Dragons’ Den | Co-Founder and Executive Chair, Clearco

If 2023 was an introduction to AI for many, 2024 will bring AI to life, especially in finance and healthcare, two of the slowest industries to innovate. We’ll see multiple companies using AI and large language models (LLMs) to put advice and answers into consumers’ hands for free. Everyone will have access to the same expert analysis that was only previously reserved for the deepest pockets. Innovation and creativity will be unlocked as people focus their attention on the most pressing issues and have AI running in the background.

Instead of being scared of AI and its potential, I can’t wait to unlock it as the great equalizer to make people healthier and more financially sound.

CBC Dragon Michele Romanow is a tech titan, who equips audiences with the skills and strategies needed to thrive in our tech-fueled world.

Generative AI Accelerating the Cycle of Disruption

Shawn Kanungo

Shawn Kanungo

Strategy in a World of Disruption

Trust. Authenticity. Transparency.

In an era where the digital frontier is continually redrawn by Generative AI, we stand at the precipice of a new frontier. Imagine, an AI artist climbing the ranks of the Billboard 100, or a deepfake video of a political candidate spreading misinformation or harm? This is no longer sci-fi, we are already here.

In addition, the cycle of disruption will accelerate. Anything digital can and will be replicated by AI. What happens when a billion-dollar app can be reversed-engineered in seconds? It means technology is becoming massively commoditized.

Amidst an explosion of AI-generated content, the organizations and brands that anchor themselves with authenticity, transparency and brand integrity will win. Consumers and clients will hunt for trusted sources. The future is human.

Globally recognized innovation strategist Shawn Kanungo emboldens audiences to take unexpected approaches to innovation so they can disrupt themselves before someone — or something — else does.

The Advance of Augmented Reality

WEB Helen Papagiannis Headshot June 2023

Dr. Helen Papagiannis

World-Leading Expert on Augmented Reality | Author of Augmented Human

2024 is a gateway into a new reality and I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this. Here, the world augments itself to you — 3D digital content blends seamlessly with the natural world and reality becomes malleable and highly personalized all through a simple glance, gesture, or even your voice. Dial reality up and down to customize the workspace of your dreams, immerse yourself in a personalized theater, and even create a serene space to reflect and focus.

Apple Vision Pro and Spatial Computing represents an entirely new era of computing that promises to completely transform the way we interact with the world at large. Not only will our physical environments be augmented, but our very humanity. This is a seismic shift in business and culture you need to be ready for. As someone who has been building experiences in this industry for over 18 years, I’m pleased to be your trusted guide.

Dr. Helen Papagiannis is globally renowned authority in the worlds of augmented reality (AR), extended reality (XR), and artificial intelligence (AI). She offers audiences a fascinating and cutting-edge look at how this fascinating technology will revolutionize work, business, and industry as we know it.

The Rise of the CEO Employee

Dwayne Matthews Headshot June 2023

Dwayne Matthews

Future of Education and Work Strategist | Innovation Evangelist

Generative AI was massive in 2023. Now that the “Shiny Box” Phase is over, I am radically optimistic about the possibilities of several emerging technology trends:

  1. Disruptive Innovative models: The last few years were about individual disruptive innovations. In 2024, organizations that curate disruptive innovative models will win big.
  2. Deepfakes having unintended positive effects. Deepfakes will force companies, governments, and educational institutions to innovate around trust and confidence online.
  3. The rise of the CEO employee. AI co-pilots, GPTs, and AI agent swarms will give employees the ability to operate like small companies. This will increase cognitive surplus and perpendicular thinking at scale, which has the potential to dramatically increase productivity and quality of life. Learning how to harness and direct cognitive surplus will drive big gains.
  4. The inflection point of community colleges, innovation hubs, and industry partnerships. The bottleneck in the skills gap is post-secondary acceptance, which is the bridge between education and the economy. Strategic partnerships leveraging multimodal AI co-pilots and distributed delivery will unlock “Stranded Brilliance”.

An education strategist, Dwayne Matthews specializes in the impact of disruptive innovation on the future of education and the future of work. He offers a roadmap for creating a robust, future-ready education system that cultivates a skilled and adaptable future-ready workforce.

Increased Demand for Reskilling

Amber Mac

Amber Mac

Technology and Innovation Speaker | Co-Host, The Feed on SiriusXM | President, AmberMac Media, Inc.

Whether you’re ready or not, “AI will continue to improve quickly, with capabilities doubling roughly every six months — three times faster than Moore’s law,” as reported by the Eurasia Group.

In response to this, let’s talk skills. There is a growing gap that exists, and little time to close it. Integrating AI into your every day is now a must to increase productivity. For leaders in all industries, there is also a responsibility to direct teams on this reskilling journey, which can be done with ongoing education and training.

As a keynote speaker, I see today’s leading organizations focus on one large annual event for dedicated learning. This model is no longer fully effective. While annual meetings are essential for face-to-face networking and relationships, there is an emerging need for ongoing education and training if an organization wants to retain its best employees and reap the benefits that AI can offer.

Considered by many as a go-to expert on technology, Amber Mac delivers up-to-the-minute tech trends while walking audiences through her four-part blueprint for not just surviving our fast future but thriving in it.

Our AI, tech, and digital transformation experts break down today’s biggest tech trends to help audiences decode the future and thrive in a tech-centric world. Contact us to learn more and to book a keynote speaker for your next event.

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