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Business Interrupted: Navigating Business Post-Pandemic

Business Interrupted: Navigating Business Post-Pandemic

No one could have predicted the exponential change sparked by the pandemic. And now, we’re left trying to navigate these rocky shores with outdated knowledge and equipment.

It’s no wonder why our most requested topics over the past month have all revolved around navigating this new world of work — you’ve got a lot of questions and thankfully our expert speakers have the answers.

Meet some of them below and learn how they’re helping our clients find clarity in a world disrupted.

NOW WHAT? Prioritizing Personal and Organizational Growth to Go from Recovery to Reinvention

Ron TIteAfter years spent jumping from one crisis to another that featured everything from an economy on the brink of disaster to overdue calls for equality and addressing mental health, leaders can’t be expected to just flip the switch and return to their previously scheduled programming; especially when the path forward isn’t looking any easier.

Ron Tite is the light guiding leaders through the haze of complexity left in the wake of the pandemic. He shows leaders how to inspire, inform, and prepare their people and organizations for whatever the future may bring. How? Through prioritizing growth — personal growth, organizational growth, systems growth, and the growth of new communities, new processes, new environments, and more.

Great challenges always create great opportunities. And this opportunity is a once-in-lifetime chance to reinvent and re-energize you, your team, and your business. So don’t go back to where you were. Go forward to where you deserve to be. Too challenging? Don’t worry. Ron will help you grow into it.

“Ron really hit the mark. If there was an award for best guest speaker, he would get it. My colleagues really connected with his material and he was able to weave in the components of our culture that I had sent over with ease. What I found most effective was how he made the connection to our work and purpose but then also challenged us and reminded us that we can’t rest on our laurels.”

Strategy in a World of Disruption

Shawn KanungoThe growth and adoption of new technologies was occurring at a dizzying pace before the pandemic, and that pace has only accelerated. Both customer and employee expectations have been pushed forward 10 years.

These drivers are forcing everyone to reimagine their entire organizations. How do we survive? How do we disrupt ourselves before someone else does? How do we deliver better experiences to our clients, customers, and teams? Today, organizations need to be bold, brave, and experimental — something Shawn Kanungo thrives at.

As a globally recognized innovation and disruption strategist, Shawn works at the intersection of creativity, business, and technology. In his dynamic, future-forward, awe-inspiring talks, he provides an optimistic roadmap for the future, showing leaders and their teams how they can take unexpected approaches to innovation to remain competitive and relevant.

The world is getting weirder, wackier, and wilder by the minute. Shawn is the spark that ignites teams to evolve alongside it.

“My entire team, along with our clients, were absolutely BLOWN AWAY by Shawn. The level of preparation, research, and customization to his presentation, literally right up to the end, put it over the top. One of our executives specifically said it’s causing him to rethink how we do things.”

The Blank Slate Effect: How to Use an Entrepreneurial Mindset to Win in Business

Erin BuryThe mindset of an entrepreneur is a unique set of qualities that positions startups to be more resourceful, take more risks, and view their business and marketing plans as blank slates vs. a set of established rules.

Now more than ever, business leaders are expected to behave more and more like an entrepreneur to ensure their organizations stay nimble in the face of ongoing change. Erin Bury draws on her decade of experience working with high-profile startups — as well as leading her own startup, Willful — to define the entrepreneurial mindset and show audiences how to implement it within their own organizations.

Erin also walks audiences through case studies of successful companies who have leveraged the entrepreneurial mindset for success and outlines practical strategies and exercises to help jumpstart the “blank slate effect” at their organizations.

“Erin is as knowledgeable about the changing business landscape as she is passionate about sharing her thoughts on the subject. Smart, savvy, insightful, and a total pro every time she takes the stage.”

Bouncing Back: Growth is Coming

Leonard BrodyWhile it can feel unprecedented, moments of change are never isolated. There are distinct historical patterns at work over the last three centuries that provide plenty of context for what we’re going through now and what’s to come.

We are living in a series of repetitive cycles, known as resets, that readjust the operating system of our very world. While they are complex, they are still predictable in their outcome.

As a business and technology visionary, Leonard Brody knows that future success is tied to leaders who master these cycles and are prepared to bounce back. He helps organizations shift their perspective on crisis and learn how to lean into the inevitability of a coming recovery.

Periods of upheaval are always followed by economic growth. What changes are permanent vs. short-term? How can we harness that? And how can we adjust business frameworks to move smoothly and smartly into the future ahead? Leonard answers these questions and more, illuminating the big picture with proven research, experience, and insights.

“Leonard’s talk was extremely interesting and thought provoking. He took the time to adapt the implications of the Great Rewrite to sectors important to our attendees, which helped bring the lessons home. We heard buzz around the rest of the event from it. Definitely a step above your usual ‘futurist’ trend spotters.”

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