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2023 Planning: Mental Health Week in May

2023 Planning: Mental Health Week in May

The first week of May brings the Canadian Mental Health Association’s (CMHA) Mental Health Week, now in its 72nd year. This week aims to rally together communities, schools, and workplaces in the protection and promotion of mental health.

After almost three years of pandemic life, we’ve seen a rise in requests for speakers with lived mental health experience who can provide both inspirational and practical keynotes, as well as speakers who specialize in loneliness, burnout, and wellness in the workplace.

Meet some of our top speakers on the subject below and contact us to learn more about our mental health and wellness experts.

Live Well: Manage Stress, Prevent Burnout, and Live a Resilient Life

Susan Biali Haas Headshot

Dr. Susan Biali Haas

Expert in Burnout Prevention, Stress Management, and Resilience | Mental Health Advocate

Formally clinically depressed and burned out herself, Dr. Susan Biali Haas is uniquely equipped to help audiences fortify their minds, bodies, and lives in a way that will sustain and energize them as they navigate life’s challenges.

Drawing from her professional and personal experience, this award-winning medical doctor shares insight into how to recognize, prevent, and recover from burnout. She also outlines simple self-care strategies and mind-body tools that are proven to reduce stress, while exploring the foundation of a resilient life.

Fire Up Your Mental Health!

Anthony McLean

Anthony McLean

Mental Health | Inclusivity | Education

Low energy, quiet quitting, burnout — this is the fallout of a worldwide pandemic that turned our lives upside down. In his highly engaging and energetic keynotes, Anthony McLean shows audiences how to regain their enthusiasm, recapture joy, and get the pep back in their step, both at home and work.

Anthony illustrates the difference between everyday ups and downs and mental illness, while sharing healthy coping skills to better handle stress and build a daily mental health routine. He can also explore the intersection between mental health and anti-racism.

Movement is Medicine

Clara Hughes Headshot April 2023

Clara Hughes

Six-Time Olympic Medalist | Mental Health Advocate

Six-time Olympic medalist Clara Hughes has lived a life in constant motion. After more than a decade in the grueling world of competitive sports, Clara realized that her physical extremes were masking a severe depression and retired from sport determined to heal.

Clara has since spent months on the trail, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, Appalachian Trail, Grand Enchantment Trail, Arizona Trail, and John Muir Trail, as well as thousands of kilometres of bike touring, adventure kayaking, and so much more.

Moving through mountains, desert, and wilderness have, in Clara’s own words, “allowed for a disconnection to the fast and furious pace of modern society, slowing things down to the pace of a human being.” Through nature and the power of movement, she was able to heal.

In her candid, personal talks, Clara explores how movement can change lives, and draws from her experience living with depression to inspire audiences to face their fears, find their voice, and become the champions they’re meant to be.

Bring on the Joy! Building Resilience and Engagement in Times of Change

Jessica Holmes Headshot

Jessica Holmes

Celebrated Comedian | Author | Mental Health Advocate

Comedian and Bell Let’s Talk ambassador Jessica Holmes presents a moving, funny, and energetic talk that encourages positive mental health and re-engages your sense of purpose.

Through exploring her own journey through depression, Jessica shows audiences how she reconnected with her love of life and work, drawing parallels with this new chance we all have to thrive after setback. She equips audiences with simple, sustainable steps to improve their mental health, build resilience, and move forward with empathy, both for themselves and others.

Every Conversation Counts: How to Build Extraordinary Relationships

Riaz Meghji Headshot

Riaz Meghji

Human Connection Expert | Author of Every Conversation Counts

Long before COVID-19, loneliness was a social pandemic in our society. Today, in the age of polarization and disconnection, Riaz Meghji shows audiences how to build and maintain meaningful relationships in our hybrid reality — from facilitating authentic conversations to building inclusive cultures and leading with assertive empathy.

Riaz’s engaging keynote is a candid and far-ranging look at how creative conversations can help you reinvent yourself, re-energize yourself, and enhance both personal and business relationships through meaningful connection.

Overcoming Overwhelm and Burnout

Dr. Greg Wells

Dr. Greg Wells

Expert on Optimizing Health, Wellness, and Peak Performance | Bestselling Author

In short bursts, stress and challenge can make us perform better. However, chronic stress and challenge, as we’ve experienced throughout the pandemic, leads to chronic physical and mental health issues that compromise our ability to perform to our potential.

In this keynote, Dr. Greg Wells explores the physiological effects of overwhelm and burnout and how to best overcome them. He draws from his bestselling book Rest, Refocus, Recharge to share ten science-based strategies that teach audiences how to rest effectively, recover from stress faster, recharge their energy, and regain high performance.

Darkness and Hope: Depression, Sports, and Me

Michael Landsberg

Michael Landsberg

Mental Health Speaker | Founder of #SickNotWeak

Michael Landsberg became a household name as the charismatic host of TSN’s Off the Record. Watching his show, no one would have ever guessed that he has battled mental illness and depression for most of his life.

Today, Michael is one Canada’s most vocal mental health advocates. In this powerful and intimate keynote, he shares his story, as well as the unexplored stories of some of the world’s most recognizable sports figures, to show audiences that recovery, strength, and hope are possible even in the darkest of times.

Optimizing Wellness, Innovation, and Self-Motivation

Dr. Shimi Kang

Dr. Shimi Kang

Award-Winning Harvard-Trained Physician | Bestselling Author | Global Social Entrepreneur

We don’t know what our new normal will be post-pandemic, other than it will likely be different from our previous lives. So, how do we maintain health and connection during these times of stress and change?

Dr. Shimi Kang helps teams build and practice essential life skills, such as self-care, connection, resiliency, and creativity, to go beyond “getting through this” and move towards optimization — and even peak performance — to meet the demands of whatever lies ahead.

The Crazy Game: How I Survived in the Crease and Beyond

Malarchuk, Clint Headshot

Clint Malarchuk

Former NHL Goaltender | Mental Health Advocate

No job in the world of sports is as intimidating, exhilarating and as stress-ridden as that of a hockey goaltender. Now imagine doing that job while suffering high anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and depression, and having your career nearly cut short, literally, when a skate sliced across your neck.

Clint Malarchuk, the famed former NHL goaltender, shares his extraordinary and heart wrenching life story — which includes his long battle with alcoholism and almost ending his life by a gunshot to the head — in his relentless effort to help end the stigma of mental illness and to help others who may suffer as well.

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