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Why Mental Health Speakers Are Trending in the Speaking Industry

Why Mental Health Speakers Are Trending in the Speaking Industry

Mental health speakers have played a crucial role in helping to break down the stigma surrounding mental health over the past decade. Sharing their personal journeys and professional expertise, they provide valuable insights and much needed supports that change lives both at home and work.

Mental health was already one of our most requested topics, but it rose in importance during the multiple lockdowns and rampant uncertainty of recent years. We’re seeing that trend continue today.

Growing awareness of mental health and its impact on our overall health has created an increased demand for speakers who specialize in this area. Here’s three reasons why we think this will only continue trending up as we navigate an uncertain future.

Three Reasons Mental Health Speakers Are Trending Up

1. Rising Mental Health Challenges

We’ve seen rising rates of mental health challenges, particularly anxiety, depression, and burnout. Mental health speakers offer practical coping strategies and resilience-building techniques rooted in lived experience and research to help individuals better navigate modern-day challenges.

Our diverse roster of health and wellness speakers keep their mental health speech topics current with today’s unique context and the latest scientific research into building mental fortitude.

2. Corporate Emphasis on Employee Wellness

With burnout rates at an all-time high, organizations are seeing firsthand the impact mental health has on workplace productivity and employee satisfaction. Prioritizing workplace wellness leads to healthier and happier employees resulting in reduced absenteeism, increasing productivity, greater retention, and more positive workplace cultures.  

Mental health and mental wellness keynote speakers are often invited to corporate events to address stress, burnout, and overall well-being, as well as current issues facing workplaces today such as psychological safety, building resilient teams, and cultivating cultures of belonging.

3. Powerful Personal Stories

Through sharing personal stories and experiences, mental health speakers create powerful connections with their audiences. Mental health can be a deeply personal and often stigmatized topic. When a speaker openly shares their experiences, they humanize mental health challenges which can greatly enhance understanding and awareness. Their vulnerability and authenticity leave audiences motivated to seek and/or offer help and support, and embark on their own path of recovery and self-care.

Popular Mental Health Speakers

Meet some of our most requested mental health and wellness speakers and discover how they’re helping audiences better understand and prioritize mental health and well-being.

Jessica Holmes

Jessica Holmes
Celebrated Comedian | Author | Mental Health Advocate

Bell Let’s Talk’s celebrity ambassador Jessica Holmes is a long-time advocate for mental health. Having struggled with depression for many years, she has found her greatest joy in helping people take simple, sustainable steps towards fulfillment and well-being, one laugh at a time.

Anthony McLean

Anthony McLean
Mental Health | Inclusivity | Education

Known for his lively, actionable presentations on mental health and DEI, Anthony McLean’s latest keynote offering delves into the essential elements that support individual and organizational well-being. He explores the intuitive and surprising pillars of psychological health and safety to help leaders better navigate the changing seasons of psychological demands.

Dr. Susan Biali Haas

Dr. Susan Biali Haas
Expert in Burnout Prevention, Stress Management, and Resilience | Mental Health Advocate

Formerly clinically depressed and burned out, Dr. Susan Biali Haas is an award-winning medical doctor who draws from her medical and lived experience to equip people with the knowledge, skills, and tools to optimize their mental health, avoid burnout, and increase their resilience.

We’re proud to represent a diverse roster of mental health and wellness experts who help audiences take control of their health and live more impactful, meaningful lives.

Contact us to learn more and to hire mental health speakers for your next event.

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