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Spotlight On: The Newest Names on Our Roster

Spotlight On: The Newest Names on Our Roster

Coming to you from the NHL, the future of work, and the wonders of science, meet some of the newest additions to our roster and your next standing ovation.

Motivation and Inspiration

Jordin Tootoo Headshot April 2023

Jordin Tootoo

The First Inuk Player in the NHL | Founder of the Team Tootoo Foundation

A trailblazer both on and off the ice, Jordin Tootoo is a vocal mental health advocate dedicated to giving back. He shares his incredible journey — from the NHL to rehab to launching his foundation — to evoke powerful and timely discussions on grit and resiliency, goal-setting, and overcoming adversity.

The Future of Work

Heather McGowan Headshot May 2023

Heather E. McGowan

Future of Work Strategist | One of Forbes‘ Top Female Futurists

Heather E. McGowan is a champion for humans in the learning-centric future of work. Her ground-breaking approach leaves employees more fulfilled and innovative, leaders more potent and empathetic, and businesses more effective in a rapidly evolving market.

April Rinne Headshot May 2023

April Rinne

Global Authority on Embracing Uncertainty and Navigating Constant Change

April Rinne has a gift for seeing key trends early amid chaos and disruption and translating them into actionable strategies. She helps audiences reshape their relationship with change and boost their flux capacity to harness uncertainty to their advantage.

Science and Technology

WEB Dan Riskin Headshot 2023

Dan Riskin

Biologist | Science Journalist | Author | TV Host

The former co-host of Discovery Canada’s Daily PlanetDan Riskin’s passion and curiosity have made him an unparalleled source of science inspiration. He speaks to some of today’s biggest topics, sharing science-fueled lessons to help audiences better navigate an uncertain future.

Workplace Culture and Team Building

Raven Solomon Headshot May 2023

Raven Solomon

Expert on the Intersection of Generations and Racial Equity

Raven Solomon is on a mission to solve inequity in the workplace and build high performing teams that drive results. As a global diversity, equity, and inclusion thought leader, she helps organizations get future-ready by breaking down the systemic barriers standing in their way.

Erin Stafford

Erin Stafford

Sustainable Peak Performance Expert

Erin Stafford has cracked the burnout code. Having worked with some of the biggest brands and world’s highest achievers, she shares essential mindset shifts to help leaders and their teams go from burnout and bust to sustainable peak performance.

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