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What We’re Reading: New Books from Top Performance, Burnout, and Well-Being Experts

What We’re Reading: New Books from Top Performance, Burnout, and Well-Being Experts

Start your new year off right with three ground-breaking books from top performance, burnout, and mental well-being experts!

Providing invaluable insights into navigating the challenges of high-pressure situations, beating burnout, and optimizing mental wellness, these new books from Dr. Dana Sinclair, Erin Stafford, and Anthony McLean are at the top of our 2024 reading list.  

Dialed In: Do Your Best When It Matters Most by Dr. Dana Sinclair

Available January 2
Dialed In by Dana Sinclair

For more than 20 years, Dr. Dana Sinclair has worked with the best of the best to improve their performance, from NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL teams to Olympic athletes, top surgeons, and business leaders. Now, in her debut book, Dialed In: Do Your Best When It Matters Most, she shares her proven action plan to get the best results when the pressure is on.

As a top performance psychologist, Dana helps performers shift their focus and deliver optimal performance in high-pressure moments that define greatness. Her approach is simple — figure out what gets in your way, develop actions to address it in the moment, and then stick to the plan. It’s not about how you feel, it’s about what you do!

In Dialed In, Dana walks readers through her three-step process for making personalized performance plans, with helpful examples to illustrate how it’s done.

The Type A Trap: Five Mindset Shifts to Beat Burnout and Transform Your Life by Erin Stafford

Available January 9
The Type A Trap by Erin Stafford

Break free from burnout and transform your life with Erin Stafford’s new book The Type A Trap.

What helps us achieve success early in our career — the hustle, grind, long hours, and hard work — can also lead us directly to burnout. This is the “Type A Trap”. So how do we stay at peak performance without the debilitating burnout?

After interviewing, studying, and surveying thousands of peak performers from all different walks of life, including Olympians, New York Times bestselling authors, leading doctors, and Fortune 500 founders, Erin has unlocked five mindset shifts to help people move from burnout to sustainable peak performance.

Erin’s practical, easy-to-implement tools and mindset shifts will help you break free from burnout and leave you inspired, motivated, and re-engaged, both at home and work.

All Fired Up: Optimize Mental Wellness to Ignite Joy and Fuel Peak Performance by Anthony McLean

Available January 10
All Fired Up by Anthony McLean

Anthony McLean is a mental wellness and DEI expert with a passion for teaching organizations how to foster an environment of empathy, acceptance, and mental well-being to enhance performance. In his debut book, All Fired Up, Anthony breaks down the mindset shifts that will level up your mood, energy, and focus to catapult your success.

Anthony combines best practices from the self-care movement with proven strategies from the business world, sharing wisdom on managing anxiety, prioritizing work-life balance, and developing self-awareness — an often-overlooked skill crucial for a successful life. He shares tools to bounce back from failure, boost confidence, and enrich relationships.

A smart, inspiring, and motivating read, All Fired Up helps readers approach every day with enthusiasm and joy.

Dr. Dana Sinclair, Erin Stafford, and Anthony McLean deliver dynamic and lively keynote presentations that dive deep into the concepts explored in their new books. Contact us to learn more about each speaker and how to book them and feature their incredible new books at your next event.

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