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Business on the Brink: Jamie Mason Cohen Helps Business Owners Bounce Back

Business on the Brink: Jamie Mason Cohen Helps Business Owners Bounce Back

With crisis comes opportunity but sometimes it requires unconventional and perhaps counter-intuitive advice to get there. This is exactly what Jamie Mason Cohen explores in his new 10-part YouTube series, Business on the Brink.

After seeing the need for practical, timely, and substantive business solutions, Jamie merged his background in media production — having worked on Saturday Night Live — with his present role as an executive leadership coach to create a business show for real business owners.

Business on the Brink provides small- to mid-size business owners with practical, timely, real-time guidance on how to navigate massive change. It introduces viewers to real business owners whose companies are on the brink of survival after COVID-19 flipped their worlds upside down.

As the creator and executive producer, Jamie pairs them with a panel of leading business thinkers who help them workshop a solution to their most urgent problems. The series will follow the business owners as they meet with the panel, brainstorm solutions, and put that advice into action.

The first episode sees some familiar faces as Mark Bowden, Ron Tite, Preet Banerjee, and Alyson Schafer join the panel of experts. They offer advice to Matt and Mike, co-owners of a Toronto-based catering company who are on the brink of losing their company.

They have a marketing plan that they’d like feedback on because, frankly, if they don’t solve their biggest challenges within the next few months, their business could be sunk. Both time and money are running out.

Watch a preview of the episode below:

Jamie chronicles lessons learned from producing Business on the Brink in his keynote “The One Big Thing: Business on the Brink of a Breakthrough”. He shares his findings from interviewing small business owners from across Canada, zeroing in on how businesses can effectively adapt in constant disruption.

Contact us to learn more about Jamie and how he’s helping businesses navigate this new world of work.