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April Reads: Exploring Creativity and Connection with New York Times Bestselling Authors

April Reads: Exploring Creativity and Connection with <i>New York Times</i> Bestselling Authors

This month, our team is diving into new releases from New York Times bestselling authors Marcus Buckingham and Susan Cain. Their latest books explore how to embrace key elements of being human to live a full live, both at home and work.

Love + Work by Marcus Buckingham

Available April 5

Marcus BuckinghamCover of Love and Work and headshot of author Marcus Buckingham is a renowned researcher and thought leader whose work focuses on unlocking strengths, increasing performance, and pioneering the future of how people work.

Already the bestselling author of several books, Marcus’ most recent release, Love + Work: How to Find What You Love, Love What You Do, and Do It for the Rest of Your Life, explores the popular saying of “do what you love” and how to actually put that into action.

The real challenge, Marcus writes, is how to do what you love in a world that is not set up to help you. Most of us actually don’t know the real truth of what we love — what engages us and makes us thrive — and our workplaces, jobs, schools, and even our parents, are focused instead on making us conform. Sadly, no person or system is dedicated to discovering the crucial intersection between what you love to do and how you can contribute it to others.

In this eye-opening, uplifting book, Marcus shows readers how to break free from conformity and decode your own passions to turn them into their most powerful expression — and how to do the same for those you lead and those you love.

Bittersweet by Susan Cain

Available April 5

Cover of Bittersweet with headshot of author Susan CainIn her bestselling book Quiet: The Power of Introverts, Susan Cain urged our society to cultivate space for the undervalued, indispensable introverts among us, thereby revealing an untapped power hidden in plain sight.

In Bittersweet, Susan reveals the power of a bittersweet outlook on life, and why we’ve been so blind to its value. If you’ve ever wondered why you like sad music; if you find comfort or inspiration in a rainy day; if you react intensely to music, art, nature, and beauty, then, she writes, you probably identify with the bittersweet state of mind.

Bittersweetness is a tendency for states of longing, poignancy, and sorrow; an acute awareness of passing time; and a curiously piercing joy at the beauty of the world. It recognizes that light and dark, birth and death — bitter and sweet — are forever paired.

Through a mix of research, storytelling, and memoir, Susan explores how to embrace the bittersweetness at the heart of life to find our true path to creativity, connection, and transcendence.

Interested in learning more about Marcus and Susan and what they can bring to your next event as keynote speakers? Email us at [email protected].

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