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Eric Termuende: Three Shifts to Build the Right Work Culture for Your Organization

Eric Termuende: Three Shifts to Build the Right Work Culture for Your Organization

There is no such thing as the perfect, universal work culture. Instead, Eric Termuende works with organizations to help determine the right work culture for them — the key to attracting and retaining the right talent, he says.

New to our roster in 2020, we were happy to welcome Eric to our office to hear his fresh perspective on workplace culture and the future of work. The co-founder of NoW Innovations, he started his company to help leaders better understand how to work with the new generation of employees, millennials. Today, Eric continues to advise industry-leading organizations, institutions, and associations on future-proofing their teams, talent management, and re-humanizing the workplace.

Eric combines this experience with research and case studies to equip his audiences with the tools needed to spark action and growth within their organizations, and build teams that thrive.

Three Shifts Every Company Needs to Make

In order to build a successful team, Eric says, there needs to be a sense of community. To build this community, companies needs to focus their efforts on recruiting the right people, which will ultimately lead to higher retention across the board.

Eric shared the three shifts he believes every successful company should make:

  • Focus less on the “what” and more on the “who” when creating job postings and interviewing candidates.
  • Plant their “flag”. Define their root values and intentions, and display them with pride.
  • Give everyone a paintbrush, i.e. allow every everyone to be a part of the conversation.

Watch the video below to learn more:

One-Degree Approach to Change

Eric also shared insight into common problems organizations face — people hate change and they hate the way things are.

In response, Eric helps people and organizations adopt the “one-degree approach.” It breaks down big, daunting change into the smallest, viable change that we can make over and over again. These small changes help us adjust to change at our own pace.

In the video below, Eric outlines the five steps to the one-degree approach.

Eric Termuende’s actionable and entertaining keynotes leave audiences energized, empowered, and equipped with the tools needed to build future-ready workplaces.

Interested in learning more about Eric and what he can bring to your next event? Email us at [email protected].

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