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Spotlight On: Virtual Ideas for the Holiday Season

Spotlight On: Virtual Ideas for the Holiday Season

With so much going on, we know that thinking about this upcoming holiday season is a stressful proposition. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of great talent from our roster that we think would help make your virtual holiday events a success. Whether it’s for a staff party, client-appreciation session, or branded event, we have talent that will fit whatever you have in mind.

Jessi Cruickshank, James Cunningham, and Arisa Cox

Lainey Lui, Sangita Patel, and Andrea Bain

Whether it’s for a formal, gala-style event, or a more casual, staff-only affair, it’s important to consider what a capable host/MC can bring to the table. These experienced pros will help create the perfect atmosphere—some with quick-wit and lighthearted banter, others with charm and gravitas. All while engaging with the audience directly, making for a memorable, and interactive experience.

Fun With Food

Anna Olson, Matt Basile, and David Rocco

For a chance to join in the great tradition of sharing food during the holidays, some of the fantastic chefs we’ve worked with have quickly pivoted in the face of the pandemic and now offer virtual cooking presentations. Audiences can be provided with recipes in advance, so they can follow along and join in at home.

Canada’s “baking sweetheart” Anna Olson has a brand-new cookbook, Baking Day, which compiles 120 recipes, including some great, easy-to-make options that she can share. She’ll gladly teach your audience how to put together some tasty treats that they can share with their family and friends.

With his signature sense of humour, Matt Basile will guide your audience through his cooking process for a holiday inspired app, cocktail, and main, while, offering his many cooking tips along the way.

David Rocco loves to bring people together over food to find a shared connection, even remotely. Demonstrating simple, accessible recipes, he can take questions from your audience while walking through the meal prep, and talk about some of his fascinating globe-trotting adventures.

Icons and Entertainers

Jann Arden, Chris Hadfield, and Jully Black

Serena Ryder, Chantal Kreviazuk & Raine Maida, and Peter Katz

Here are just a few of the many talented entertainers and celebrated icons we work with, both for private events and public appearances. They offer a wide range of possibilities for unique virtual engagements: from traditional live performances to heartfelt personal keynotes to intimate fireside-style chats.

Home for the Holidays

With most everyone housebound at the moment—and especially with winter just around the corner—it’s a perfect moment to spruce up our everyday surroundings. Enter Colin and Justin. The internationally recognized television hosts and lifestyle gurus just released their newest book, Escapology: Modern Cabins, Cottages and Retreats. It’s a stunning collection of modern-day retreats to inspire peaceful and quiet living. They’ll show you how to create your own oasis at home, while entertaining you with their endless wit and amazing energy.

Whatever you have in mind for this unusual holiday season, we’re here to help create memorable virtual events and engagements. Please get in touch if you have any questions and one of our knowledgeable agents will be happy to help.

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