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June Reads: New Books on Belonging, Stress Management, Talent Retention, and More

June Reads: New Books on Belonging, Stress Management, Talent Retention, and More

Just in time for summer reading, we’ve got four new books to share that will help you rest up and come back recharged and ready for the busy fall season.

Exploring some big topics like belonging, talent retention, and learning how to stress wisely, check out these new books from bestselling authors (and incredible keynote speakers) Ritu Bhasin, Katty Kay, Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe, and Joey Coleman.

We’ve Got This: Unlocking the Beauty of Belonging by Ritu Bhasin

Available June 13

We've Got This: Unlocking the Beauty of Belonging

Award-winning and globally recognized DEI and empowerment expert Ritu Bhasin delivers a much-needed guidebook on how to heal, thrive, and stand in your power, revealing how to unlock belonging — for yourself and others.

Ritu knows firsthand that the path to belonging can be both beautiful and hard. As a child of working-class immigrants of colour, she experienced relentless struggles with racist bullying and cultural confusion growing up. Even as a successful lawyer and business leader, Ritu grappled with knowing, embracing, and being her authentic self — until she appreciated the freedom that comes with claiming belonging, which she passionately shares in her new book.

Combining empathy, humour, and research with life-changing wisdom and savvy, We’ve Got This is the guide for finding belonging and joy that readers from across backgrounds have been waiting for.

The Power Code: More Joy. Less Ego. Maximum Impact for Women (and Everyone) by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

Available June 13

The Power Code by Katty Kay

We are living in a moment of unprecedented transformation for women. Despite recent setbacks, women continue to advance in almost every arena — politics, business, education. But, if it’s all so great (at least for some), why does it feel so hard?

Drawing on the latest research, interviews with high-powered women, and their own personal stories, co-authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman are asking the tough questions — do women use power differently and do we even want it? Can men ever learn to live with and, yes, love powerful women? Can we ever make real progress if we’re still operating in a world built by and for men?

Exploring hidden opportunities that draw on women’s underappreciated strengths, Katty and Claire present a new operating system that helps women use their talents to become their most powerful selves. What we need is a new definition of power, they say, and a re-imagined workplace and homefront that everyone can buy into and benefit from.

Stress Wisely: How to Be Well in an Unwell World by Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe

Available June 20

Stress Wisely by Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe

Stress is inherent to the human condition. When not properly understood, it can wreak havoc on our mental and physical health, our relationships, and our lives. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In her second book, Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe draws on her vast research and real-world experience in wellness, stress, and resiliency to help you navigate the chaos of modern life in the wisest way possible. She challenges everything we’ve been told about stress, while sharing science-based strategies and exercises to help you learn how to wield stress in your favour.

Through exploring the eight touchstones of wellness — physical, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental, occupational, financial, spiritual — get ready to learn, unlearn, and integrate smart stressing principles for a healthier, more meaningful, and purpose-filled life.

Never Lose an Employee Again: The Simple Path to Remarkable Retention by Joey Coleman

Available June 27

Never Lose an Employee Again by Joey Coleman

Finding and keeping quality employees is one of the greatest challenges facing businesses today. With more people quitting their jobs each month than ever before and employees demanding flexibility, freedom, and advancement, companies are struggling to build a foundation with new hires that leads to long-term commitment. To effectively combat the hiring crisis and remain competitive, business owners and managers must design an employee experience program that begins on day one.

In Never Lose an Employee Again, Joey Coleman offers a step-by-step playbook for creating a retention plan for long-term success. With more than 50 proven case studies, he details how leaders can forge a relationship with their people during each of the eight phases of the employee journey, walking through the six forms of communication integral to success.

This books will reshape the way you think about recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and retaining quality team members — whether you are an owner looking to hire your first few employees, an organization hoping to redefine an industry, or an enterprise looking to keep growing on a global scale.

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