Inside Our Boardroom

Take a seat in our boardroom through this series of videos, starring speakers we’re lucky to host in our office each week. Experts in their fields, learn from their fresh perspectives and inspiring stories.

Robin Esrock: Confessions of a Travel Writer

November 7, 2019 by Speakers' Spotlight

Robin Esrock has visited more than 100 countries on seven continents. A global adventurer, renowned travel writer, bestselling author, and international TV personality, Robin shares lessons from his o...

Inside Our Boardroom: Robin Esrock

Ziya Tong: Bursting the Reality Bubble

October 11, 2019 by Speakers' Spotlight

We loved talking science with award-winning science journalist Ziya Tong. She came to our office to share insight into her new bestselling book, The Reality Bubble, and how she infuses hope into her t...

Inside Our Boardroom with Ziya Tong