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Spotlight On: Our New and Notables & A Look Inside Our Boardroom

Spotlight On: Our New and Notables & A Look Inside Our Boardroom


The Strategists

Shashank Nigam, Kaihan Krippendorff, and Peter Zeihan help you stay ahead of the curve with their insights on the latest in marketing, branding, innovation, geopolitics, and the economy.

The Techies

Erin Bury breaks down the ins and outs of digital marketing to millennials, while Warren Tomlin explains how to create great customer experiences and harness technology to make your organization stand out.

The Storytellers

Sharing their powerful life journeys with both humour and humility, beloved comedian Mary Walsh and visionary entrepreneur Isaac Lidsky explain how they’ve overcome incredible challenges, and how you can, too.

The Masters of Ceremonies

From conferences to galas, sports fixture Brodie Lawson and entertainment expert Arisa Cox take your events from ordinary to extraordinary as hosts, emcees, and moderators.


Inside our Boardroom

Throughout the year, we’re lucky to welcome many of our speakers to our boardroom, where they update us on what’s new, share their latest projects and presentations, and answer our many curious questions. From Humanitarian and Mental Health Activist Amanda Lindhout to Award-Winning Comedian and Satirist Ron James, we’re visited by the best and the brightest and pleased to share some snippets of our conversations with them. Take a look!