Barbara Stegemann

June 14, 2017 by Speakers' Spotlight

Inside Our Boardroom: Barbara Stegemann, CEO and Founder, The 7 Virtues

 Barb Stegemann, founder of The 7 Virtues, didn’t set out to become a perfume entrepreneur when she formed her altruistic business, which creates perfumes from natural oils sourced from regions of the world experiencing turmoil. The goal running through the heart of the company is to give back to areas that need investment in sustainable industry, and to build a successful enterprise on fertile, responsible ground that serves as a template for others to follow. During a recent visit to our office, Barb expanded on how taking an approach that values and strives to improve the lives of those far down an entrepreneurial supply chain is not only good for the soul, but makes good business sense in an era of enlightened consumers.