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Leadership, Performance, and Connection: Showcase 2024 Recap

Leadership, Performance, and Connection: Showcase 2024 Recap

Hosted by an incredible emcee and featuring six of our most in-demand speakers exploring today’s trending topics, see highlights from Showcase 2024 below and discover why attendees said they “loved every minute of it”.

Dr. Chika Stacy Oriuwa

Dr. Chika Stacy Oriuwa’s energy and warmth radiated from the stage as she distilled the four principles of authentic leadership that helped her drive change and succeed through adversity.

Dan Riskin

Science journalist Dan Riskin specializes in creating custom keynotes for his audiences. At Showcase 2024, he explored why events and storytelling are such powerful catalysts for learning.

Dr. Ivan Joseph

How can a team go from good to great? Award-winning coach, Dr. Ivan Joseph shared strategies to disrupt patterns, optimize performance, and enhance team cohesion.

Riaz Meghji

Riaz Meghji captivated the audience with his emotionally charged keynote that illustrated the power of empathetic curiosity and candid conversation to drive meaningful connections.

Amber Mac

Delivering up-to-the-minute trends, tech expert Amber Mac walked the audience through her four-part blueprint to thriving alongside AI — our “magical co-pilot”.

Clara Hughes

Olympian Clara Hughes’ showstopping keynote shared her personal journey through physical and mental pain to distil powerful lessons on what it means to truly heal.

James Cunningham

James Cunningham is the best of the best! As host of Showcase 2024, we had complete faith that he would knock it out of the park, and he still exceeded our expectations.

This year marked our 25th Showcase event and one of our best yet! Check out this highlight reel from Showcase 2024 below and contact us to learn more about our leading speakers.