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Relentless Transformation: Amber Mac’s Four-Part Blueprint to Our AI Future

Relentless Transformation: Amber Mac’s Four-Part Blueprint to Our AI Future

Change has never been this fast and it will never be this slow again. Our challenge today, as individuals and organizations, is to live within predictable unpredictability.

This is where Amber Mac comes in. She is considered by many to be the go-to expert on anything to do with technology. She is an industry veteran, renowned as a journalist, moderator, entrepreneur, author, and podcaster, especially on the topic of AI and emerging technology.

At Showcase 2024, Amber walked us through her four-part blueprint for not just surviving our fast future but thriving in it, while also delivering up-to-the-minute tech trends.

“I love Amber — I could listen to her and her wisdom all day!”

Showcase 2024 attendee

The P.A.T.H: Your Four-Part Blueprint to Our Tech-Fueled Future

Tech is our magical co-pilot, Amber said, and this is true in everything we do. While we can’t slow down the advance of technology, we can better prepare ourselves to relentlessly transform alongside it. This is why Amber created the P.A.T.H. — her four-part blueprint to surviving our rapidly changing world.    

1. Purpose

Companies who lead with purpose are changing the world, Amber said, and will get where the world is going even faster. Before, work used to be about paycheques, now its about purpose; it used to be about satisfaction, now it’s about development; we used to have a boss, now we’re looking for a coach.

Amber’s advice to survive in this rapidly changing world is to follow the example of today’s compassionate capitalism leaders, such as Patagonia. They exist everywhere, Amber said, and they are the future of business.

2. AI Adoption

The capabilities of AI have been doubling every six months. ChatGPT launched in November 2022 and it’s already in its fifth iteration. This is not going to slow down.

Something you can do to prepare for this future, no matter how small your organization is, Amber said, is to build an AI playground. Give your people the opportunity to play around with AI tools pertinent to your business. They can then discover firsthand how AI can help increase their productivity.  

The AI tools Amber uses to propel her business forward are:

  • Jasper: Amber described it as ChatGPT on steroids. It can help write any marketing collateral, such as blog posts, social posts, etc.
  • Opus Clip: An AI-powered video repurposing tool that can pull social media clips from a long-form video, scoring them on how well they are likely to perform, all within one hour.
  • Grammarly: It can detect tone in emails, helping to minimize miscommunication in our digital world.
  • Secta: It provides AI-generated professional headshots.
  • Hey Gen: It can translate videos into any language, making it look like you’re actually speaking that language.

3. Trust Building

Trust building goes hand in hand with AI Adoption. When introducing new tools, new ways of doing things, employ the trust triangle — consistency, transparency, and communication. This will help people stay on board with change, which is especially important in an increasingly digital world where those who don’t know how to use these tools will fall behind.

So, the starting point in your tech journey is to launch your P2 plan, Amber said — an AI playground alongside an AI policy detailing how to use these new AI tools.

“More and more, we’re all doing work alongside this technology, alongside machines, and we have to understand how to operate in that environment,” she continued.

4. Health

Health is at the foundation of everything we do, Amber said. We know that flexible work is the future, she continued, but alongside that is workplace wellness.

“Every leader in every business today has to think about the wellness of their team,” Amber said. “None of the other stuff that I’ve talked about will work at all if your team isn’t in a good place.”  

Tech can help with this. Many of the wellness apps we’re familiar with today, like Calm, have a corporate division that works exclusively with companies that provide these tools to their employees. Likewise, we’re seeing more wearable health tech like the Whoop band, which tracks your sleep, exercise, and other health-related data.

If our challenge today is to live in predictable unpredictability, Amber’s four-part blueprint is our solution. “With these four pillars in mind,” she said, “you will be much better off to survive the chaos that’s here today but also what’s coming tomorrow.”

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Whatever the setting, Amber offers clarity and a passion for digital innovation in all forms. In 2024, she was named one of DMZ’s “Women of the Year” for her work driving innovation and progress in the tech industry. She has also been named one of Bay Street Bull’s “Women of the Year” for her leadership in the technology sector.

Currently the co-host of the award-winning emerging technology radio show and podcast #TheFeed on SiriusXM, contact us to learn more about Amber Mac and what she can bring to your next event.