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Planning Ahead: Sport Heroes in Celebration of the 2024 Summer Olympics

Planning Ahead: Sport Heroes in Celebration of the 2024 Summer Olympics

It’s an Olympics year, meaning our roster of Olympians, top athletes, and performance coaches are in high demand.

We’ve put together a guide highlighting some of our most requested sports heroes who are sure to be popular leading up to, during, and after the Paris 2024 Olympics. Contact us to hire a keynote speaker for your 2024 event today.

Olympic Keynote Speakers

The Paris 2024 Olympics kick-off July 26 with the closing ceremony on August 11. We’re proud to represent some of Canada’s finest athletes who draw on their Olympic experiences to share inspirational and practical lessons on performance, overcoming adversity, building resiliency, championing inclusivity, prioritizing mental health, and more.

Tessa Virtue

Fireside Chat: Empowering Sustainable High Performance

As one of the most decorated figure skaters in Olympic history, Tessa Virtue knows what it takes to achieve greatness. She and her skating partner Scott Moir won five Olympics medals, including three golds, and became the youngest ice dance champions in Olympic history.

Today, with a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, Tessa works with Deloitte as an executive advisor. She translates her learning and experience as a world-class athlete to the corporate world, helping audiences unlock potential and achieve sustainable high performance.

Andre De Grasse

Ignite: Unlock the Hidden Potential Within

With six Olympic medals to his name, Andre De Grasse is the most decorated male Olympian in Canadian history. After winning medals in all three sprint events in a single Games two Olympics in a row, Andre is returning to the world stage at Paris 2024.

As one of the fastest humans alive, Andre has demonstrated what it takes to perform at your best under enormous pressure and to continue to push the limit of what seems impossible. He shares inspirational stories and lessons about the determination, resilience, and perseverance it takes to become the best.

Dr. Hayley Wickenheiser

Teamwork and Success

Seven world championships, six Olympic appearances, five Olympic medals — Dr. Hayley Wickenheiser is a titan of sport. She played on the Canadian women’s national ice hockey team for 23 years and is the team’s career points leader with 168 goals and 211 assists in 276 games.

Today, Hayley is a medical doctor and the assistant general manager of player development for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Sharing stories from the Olympics, NHL, and frontlines of healthcare, she distills powerful lessons on enhancing team effectiveness and optimizing performance for incredible results.  

Jennifer Boterill

Why Not You? How to Excel in Business and Life

A member of the Canadian Women’s Hockey Team for 14 years, Jennifer Botterill is a three-time Olympic champion who now regularly appears on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada as an NHL analyst. When she’s not on air, she is empowering others to pursue excellence.

Jennifer shares the tools and techniques developed throughout her career to help audiences reach new levels of excellence. Her no-regrets approach showcases the critical importance of time management and setting high standards to achieve our goals.

Clara Hughes

Open Heart, Open Mind

Clara Hughes is one of Canada’s most decorated Olympians. But after more than a decade in the grueling world of competitive sports, she realized her physical extremes, emotional setbacks, and partying habits were masking a severe depression.

Clara retired from sport in 2010 determined to heal, and has since emerged as one of our most committed humanitarians and mental health advocates. Clara’s revelatory and inspiring journey through physical and mental pain to a life where love can thrive touches the hearts of all who hear it.

Marnie McBean

The Power of More: How Small Steps Help Us Achieve Big Goals

A specialist in transforming potential into peak performance, Marnie McBean has left an indelible mark on Canadian sports and beyond. She is a three-time Olympic champion who has dedicated her career to unlocking potential and nurturing leadership within teams.

Marnie’s universal framework for success outlines the preparation, communication, and teamwork needed to win in any competitive environment. With anecdotes and hard-earned wisdom, Marnie helps teams turn potential into outstanding performance.


Championing Inclusion

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Quinn became the first transgender athlete to not only compete, but also make it to the podium after a historic gold-medal win for the Canadian women’s national soccer team.

In this intimate keynote, Quinn explores their soccer career as a transgender athlete, from their little league days to playing as a midfielder in the National Women’s Soccer League to earning Gold in Tokyo. They also explore their personal journey to finding their authentic self, and the power of allyship and inclusive spaces in helping members of the LGBTQ2+ community achieve success.

Christine Sinclair

Scoring Success

The FIFA all-time leading scorer in the history of international soccer, Christine Sinclair is a soccer powerhouse. As the captain of the Canadian women’s national soccer team, she won three Olympic medals, including a history-making gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Games.

Christine retired from the international team at the end of 2023, but her impact will be felt for generations. She shares her inspiring story, exploring the teamwork, passion, and competitive nature required to rise to the top of her game, as well as the obstacles she had to overcome along the way.

Perdita Felicien

You’re a Hurdler, You Just Don’t Know It

Perdita Felicien spent 10 years as a professional athlete, competing for Canada in the 100m hurdles. She is a two-time Olympian, 10-time National Champion, two-time World silver medalist, and the only Canadian woman to win a World Championship gold medal in track and field.

A favourite at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Perdita fell at the first barrier in the finals and couldn’t finish the race. She showed grace under fire in that moment, and has since used that experience to teach others how to persevere and rise again, no matter the hurdles in your way.

Coaches and Performance Experts

Behind every athlete’s success is a coach who never stopped believing in them. Alongside our roster of top performing athletes, we’re proud to work with the coaches and performance experts that helped them rise to the top of their game.

Masai Ujiri

Fireside Chat: Leadership

Masai Ujiri is one of the most influential leaders in the NBA, leading the Toronto Raptors to their most successful period in franchise history, including an NBA Championship — the first in their 24-year history, and the only team outside the United States to do so.

At the same time, Masai’s Giants of Africa Foundation has led talented African Players to compete at the highest levels in basketball.

Today, Masai shares how he applies his leadership skills to win on and off the court, lift up those around him, and develop the next generation of leaders.

John Herdman

Vision, Passion, Discipline: Inspiring and Transforming for Top Performance

Internationally renowned for his leadership philosophy, John Herdman is the first coach to qualify both a women’s and men’s national team for the World Cup. During his prolific career, he has coached at four FIFA World Cups, three Olympic Games, and two FIFA youth World Cups.

Today, John is the head coach of Toronto FC. He shares his proven performance philosophies in his inspirational keynotes, emphasizing the importance of vision, passion, and discipline in achieving success, whether it’s on the field or in the office.

Bev Priestman

Rising Above Failure and Building Gold Medal Teams

Bev Priestman is best known for leading the Canadian women’s national team to gold at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics — the youngest coach at the tournament — just one year after taking over the women’s program.

Bev shares behind-the-scenes anecdotes and winning strategies from the team’s incredible 2020 gold-medal win. But she also doesn’t shy away from sharing lessons learned from a disappointing 2023 Women’s World Cup, including how she keeps her team motivated through challenge and guides them to rise above the noise.

Dr. Kimberley Amirault-Ryan

Excellence: The Winners’ Traits

Dr. Kimberley Amirault-Ryan has coached and trained some of the world’s top athletes and teams. She has witnessed and cultivated first-hand the habits, behaviours, and environments required for achieving success, overcoming obstacles, and inspiring excellence.

Interspersed with real life examples from her Olympic, NHL, and NBA championship experiences, Kimberley explores the universal traits shared by those who experience the most success in their field, and shows how to replicate them within your organizations.

Dr. Ivan Joseph

Success, Self-Confidence, and Performance

An award-winning coach and PhD sports psychologist, Dr. Ivan Joseph believes success begins and ends with self-confidence. He has dedicated his career to understanding this skill, developing, applying, and refining dozens of techniques to foster high performance and excellence along the way.

In his energizing and motivational talks, Ivan shares the secrets he’s used to help individuals and teams reach goals they never thought possible. Humour, visualization, and immersive activities keep everyone engaged and create a memorable experience.

Dr. Greg Wells

The Corporate Olympian

For Olympic athletes, world-class results are the norm. Delivering under pressure is the standard. Unlocking the full potential of both body and mind is routine. Dr. Greg Wells, a renowned health and high-performance expert, translates Olympic success to the boardroom.

Greg has worked with over 200 Olympic athletes, helping them leverage science to compete at the limits of human possibility. He draws parallels between elite athletes and top executives to help audiences optimize their health and performance and excel through setbacks, change, and pressure.

Contact us to learn more about our roster of Olympians, top athletes, and performance coaches and how they can help your organization reach new heights of success in 2024.

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