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Planning Ahead: National Indigenous History Month in June

Planning Ahead: National Indigenous History Month in June

June is National Indigenous History Month, dedicated to celebrating the unique heritage and history of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples in Canada, with National Indigenous Peoples Day taking place on June 21.

Below, meet some of the Indigenous leaders we’re proud to represent who share their personal stories and insights into Indigenous knowledge, worldview, and values to help move reconciliation forward and build an inclusive, equitable future for all. Contact us to learn more and to book your June event.

Celebrating National Indigenous History Month

The Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould

True Reconciliation: How to Be a Force for Change

True reconciliation takes relentlessness and the courage to act differently. The Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould shows audiences how we can break down silos constructed by colonialism and advance reconciliation together.

Drawing from her bestselling book, True Reconciliation, Jody explores the difference between performative and symbolic reconciliation vs. actions that are truly impactful. She shows audiences how we can build transformed patterns of just and harmonious relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and act on what our collective future requires.

Jordin Tootoo

Mind Over Matter: Hard-Won Battles on the Road to Hope

In his most recent book, Mind Over Matter, Jordin Tootoo chronicles his process of healing from the suicide and violence that marks his family, only to discover the true source of trauma in his father’s secret past.

Jordin travels back to Nunavut to try to speak with his father about what haunts him and encounters the ghosts of his entire community as news of unmarked graves on the grounds of residential schools rock the country. Weaving together life’s biggest themes with observations and experiences, Jordin shares the kind of wisdom he has had to specialize in — the hard-won kind.

Perry Bellegarde

Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples: A Leader’s Look at the Past, Present, and Future

While there’s much being said about reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, a crucial question remains unanswered — how do we turn this shared aspiration into meaningful action?

Having dedicated his life to championing the rights and well-being of First Nations, Chief Perry Bellegarde provides audiences with a roadmap to answering this vital question. He shares insights into our rapidly changing political and legal landscape while exploring the First Nations values and principles that could guide our shared vision of the future.

Tanya Talaga

All Our Relations: Finding the Path Forward

Stemming from her award-winning book Seven Fallen Feathers, the story of seven Indigenous high school students who mysteriously died in Thunder Bay, Tanya Talaga creates an intimate experience for her audiences.

Tanya imparts audiences with in-depth knowledge on Indigenous culture and history, humanizing the legacy of residential schools and colonialization, while empowering them through her hopeful message that we can learn from our past and set forward on a new path for our nation.

Inclusion and Equity at Scale

Dr. Alika Lafontaine is the first Indigenous physician and the youngest doctor to lead the Canadian Medical Association. He was also the driving force behind the Indigenous Health Alliance — one of the most ambitious health transformation initiatives in Canadian history.

Having successfully brought together hundreds of Indigenous communities, more than 20 national medical organizations, and multiple government departments to implement inclusion and equity at scale, Alika shares lessons learned from his experience as both a leader and community advocate.

Connie Walker

Truth Before Reconciliation

Connie Walker has been at the forefront of covering Indigenous stories for over 20 years. Her award-winning investigations into the crisis of violence in Indigenous communities and the legacy of residential schools help audiences make the connections required to better understand the truth and impact of our colonial history.

Her powerful presentation draws on her Pulitzer Prize and Peabody Award-winning podcast, Stolen, to help audiences understand why it’s crucial to uncover the truth before we can begin meaningful reconciliation.

Duncan McCue

Beyond Land Acknowledgements: Working with Indigenous Peoples

An award-winning broadcaster, author, and professor, Duncan McCue is a masterful storyteller and celebrated leader in decolonizing journalism. He has trained journalists across Canada and the world on how to build respectful relationships with Indigenous communities.

In this engaging and personal presentation, Duncan distills the lessons learned from over two decades of efforts to reform media organizations into helpful, informative approaches toward reconciliation in Canada and sparking social change.

Susan Aglukark

Songs and Stories

Award-winning Inuk singer-songwriter Susan Aglukark is one of Canada’s most unique artists. She blends the Inuktitut and English languages with contemporary pop music to tell the stories of her people, the Inuit of Arctic Canada.

In this powerful keynote concert, Susan combines stories and songs to share her journey from growing up in Nunavut to becoming a household name across Canada. She relates stories of her culture and its impact on her life and speaks of empowerment and the importance of self-respect and respecting others in leading a happier life.

Kendal Netmaker

Win More Business Through the Power of Indigenous Storytelling

In a world full of noise and short attention spans, the art and skill of memorable and impactful storytelling has never been more important. Indigenous Peoples’ key to retaining their culture and traditions has been built upon oral storytelling.

Kendal Netmaker takes audiences into Indigenous storytelling techniques, illustrating how they can build deeper connections with customers and team members. He explores the key role storytelling plays in building long-term relationships for continued business growth.

Contact us to learn more about the Indigenous leaders we’re proud to represent and how they’re helping to drive reconciliation forward in Canada.