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Planning Ahead: Asian Heritage Month in May

Planning Ahead: Asian Heritage Month in May

May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada, or Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in the US, created to celebrate and highlight the diverse culture, history, and contributions of Asian communities and to combat anti-Asian racism and discrimination in all forms.

As you begin planning events to commemorate Asian Heritage Month, meet some of our most in-demand speakers and contact us to book your May event today.

Celebrate Asian Heritage Month

Julie Kim

Grit and Perseverance at All Costs

Inspiring, funny, and empowering, Julie Kim shares stories and lessons learned from her decade-long journey to becoming one of Canada’s top stand-up comedians and the first internationally touring Asian female comedian in the country.

Starting out with no template or direct role models in a very challenging industry where few people looked or sounded like her, Julie has had to keep her eye on the prize and create many of her own opportunities. She credits grit and perseverance as the two main success factors in her journey and shows audience members how they can cultivate these key traits to take on any obstacle in their path.

Naheed Nenshi

A Not Very Political Life… but Everything is Political

Naheed Nenshi went from being a poor first-generation kid in Northeast Calgary to attending Harvard, working at McKinsey, speaking in front of the World Economic Forum in Davos, and being named a World Mayor. During his 11-year tenure as Calgary’s mayor, he led the city through one of its most prosperous and tumultuous decades.

In this keynote, Naheed shares his extraordinary story, made all the more interesting because of how ordinary it is, he says. He shares his story to show audiences how we can help the next generation of kids, no matter their background, achieve success in a world that seems stacked against them.

Melissa Leong

How to Be Financially Happier, Stronger, and More Resilient

When faced with daunting challenges, personal finance expert and bestselling author Melissa Leong helps audiences emerge financially happier, stronger, and more resilient.

In each of her keynotes, Melissa shares wisdom and heart-warming anecdotes from her personal journey and Chinese heritage — her family ran one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Winnipeg for 70 years and her grandfather helped build Chinatown in her city. Melissa distills her learnings into critical lessons that equip audiences with the keys to unlocking financial happiness and the tools needed to not only stay afloat but thrive.

Sangita Patel

Fireside Chat with Television Personality Sangita Patel

Best known as the former co-host of ET Canada, Sangita Patel is the first South Asian Canadian Ambassador for CoverGirl —  a self-described “pinch me” moment as someone who rarely saw themselves represented in popular media as a South Asian kid growing up in Canada.

Having dedicated her career to breaking barriers in the media industry, Sangita is proud to represent her roots and strives to become an inspiration for those who come after her. Whether hosting an event or sharing her personal story in a fireside chat, Sangita infuses everything she does with passion and professionalism.

Andrew Phung

Celebrated Comedian, Host, and Emcee

Andrew Phung’s infectious and relatable personality has made him one of Canada’s top comedic performers. He is the recipient of seven Canadian Screen Awards, including four for his role as “Kimchee” on CBC’s Kim’s Convenience. Today, Andrew is the co-creator, executive producer, and star of CBC’s Run the Burbs.

As an award-winning actor, improv comedian, and writer, Andrew is a sought-after emcee, having hosted events for The City of Calgary, Telus Spark, ATB Financial, and numerous non-profits. He brings his off-the-cuff comedic charm and boundless enthusiasm to every engagement.

Pooja Handa

When Doors Don’t Open for You, Kick Them Down!

Pooja Handa’s mantra of “when doors don’t open for you, kick them down” has helped her become one of the most familiar faces and voices in the GTA. Today, Pooja is the co-host of CHFI’s The Pooja and Gurdeep Show, but it took 20 years to make her dreams a reality.

In this inspirational keynote, Pooja shares her bumpy journey to success to remind audiences that they can achieve anything through hard work. She outlines how she achieved her goals, even when doors didn’t open for her, and how she navigated a highly competitive and heavily scrutinized industry as a woman of colour and of South Asian descent.

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