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What We’re Reading: Diving into Health Care, Wellness, and Misinformation in April

What We’re Reading: Diving into Health Care, Wellness, and Misinformation in April

In April, we’re focusing on health — healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy societies. Leading the way is three new books by Canada’s former Minister of Health, the Honourable Jane Philpott; celebrated mental health advocate Sophie Grégoire Trudeau; and renowned economist Alex Edmans.

Their new books collectively outline a roadmap to building a better and brighter future for all. First, by creating more equitable health care systems. Secondly, by strengthening our emotional literacy. And lastly, by learning how to combat misinformation through scientific insights.

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Health for All: A Doctor’s Prescription for a Healthier Canada

Available April 9
Health for All by The Hon. Jane Philpott

From one of Canada’s most respected health professionals (and former federal Minister of Health) comes a timely, practical, ambitious, and deeply personal call for action that sets out the roadmap to improve our health.

The Honourable Jane Philpott has spent her life learning what makes people sick and what keeps people well. In Health for All, she calls for a radical disruption to fix our broken health care system, one rooted in a deep-seated commitment to health equity.

What sets this book apart is that it’s more than a prescription for better medical care. Jane looks at the big picture of health for all. This includes an intimate look at the personal roots of well-being: hope, belonging, meaning, and purpose. Then, through real-life stories, she examines the impact of the social determinants of health. Finally, she explains that none of this will happen without the political will to do the hard work of rebuilding a healthy society.

The remedy we await, Jane says, is serious leadership to implement what we already know and to put the well-being of Canadians at the top of the agenda.

Closer Together: Knowing Ourselves, Loving Each Other

Available April 24
Closer Together by Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

In her debut book, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau draws on the expertise of top psychologists, psychiatrists, scientists, and thought leaders while taking readers on a deeply personal journey toward self-knowledge, acceptance, and empowerment.

As a passionate advocate for mental health, Sophie believes that in order to know and accept ourselves fully, we need to understand why we think and feel the way we do, and recognize the experiences, attitudes, and patterns that may be holding us back.

In Closer Together, Sophie shares moments from her own journey — walking readers through her struggles with an eating disorder to becoming a speaker, television host, Canada’s de facto “first lady”, and mother of three. Sophie’s book is enriched by exclusive interviews with experts such as Gabor Maté, Liz Plank, Terrence Real, Catherine Price, Harville Hendrix, and Helen LaKelly Hunt — to name a few — as she delves into the science behind brain health and individual and collective growth.

Through illustrating that there are more things that bring us together than separate us, Sophie empowers readers to stand in the light of their true potential.

May Contain Lies: How Stories, Statistics, and Studies Exploit Our Biases — And What We Can Do About It

Available April 25
May Contain Lies by Alex Edmans

In his new book, renowned economist Alex Edmans explores how our biases cause us to fall for misinformation — and how to combat it.

Our lives are minefields of misinformation. Alex shows readers how to separate fact from fiction. Using colourful examples — from a wellness guru’s tragic but fabricated backstory to the blunders that led to the Deepwater Horizon disaster to the diet that ensnared millions yet hastened its founder’s death — Alex highlights the biases that cause us to mistake statements for facts, facts for data, data for evidence, and evidence for proof.

Alex then provides a practical guide to combat this tide of misinformation. Going beyond simply checking the facts and explaining individual statistics, he explores the relationships between statistics — the science of cause and effect — ultimately training us to think smarter, sharper, and more critically. May Contain Lies is an essential read for anyone who wants to make better sense of the world and better decisions.

Dr. Jane Philpott, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, and Alex Edmans deliver dynamic and engaging keynote presentations that dive deep into the concepts explored in their new books.

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