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Will AI Take Your Job? Amber Mac Answers Your Top 3 AI Questions

Will AI Take Your Job? Amber Mac Answers Your Top 3 AI Questions

Amber Mac is an award-winning podcaster, bestselling author, and media host on the topic of AI and emerging technology. She is considered by many to be the go-to expert of just about anything to do with technology.

So as artificial intelligence continues to evolve and impact our day-to-day lives, both at home and work, Amber has had quite a busy speaking schedule delivering her four-part blueprint for not just surviving our AI future but thriving in it.

Amber’s keynote “Relentless Adaptation: 4 Lessons to Thrive in Our AI Future” shares lessons every leader and professional needs to know to design, grow, learn, and communicate in the age of AI, coupled with up-to-the-minute tech trends.

While Amber’s audiences span multiple sectors, from insurance and cybersecurity to food and education, she says there is always a common thread amongst them — widespread anxiety about AI. She recently shared the top three questions she’s asked at her speaking events along with her answers in hopes of easing some of that AI-fueled anxiety.

Will AI take my job?

A person who knows how to use AI better than you might take your job. This sentiment is now common among today’s leading thinkers, which is a reminder for all of us that adopting new tech skills is a must to compete at work. I’d also add that some jobs will be more affected than others, including roles in banking, marketing, and manufacturing.

How can we regulate AI?

Most governments around the world have been slow to introduce new AI guardrails. Leading the charge is the EU with their Artificial Intelligence Act and the United States who recently announced their newly proposed rules to guide the development of this emerging technology. Unfortunately, Canada is definitely behind on these regulations — in other words, we’re now trying to lock the barn door after the horses have left.

How does AI affect kids?

First of all, many children are already using AI in one form or another on a daily basis. Some of these interactions are harmless, maybe even collaborative and creative. As my 14-year-old son says, ChatGPT is just like a better Google.

As a parent, I’m less concerned about AI in education and more concerned about AI in social media. Big Tech companies are using algorithms that are sending our kids down dangerous paths (e.g. Meta) and training the next generation to think of chatbots like human friends (e.g. Snapchat).

Hear more from Amber on her popular podcast, The Feed, where she and her co-host breakdown the latest news in technology and social media.

If your organization is looking for guidance on navigating the age of AI, contact us to learn more about Amber Mac and our digital transformation experts and how they can help your audience thrive in our tech-centric world.

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