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Fall Trending Topic: Climate Change and Sustainability

Fall Trending Topic: Climate Change and Sustainability

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges humans face today, with businesses playing a crucial role in building a more sustainable future.

We’ve seen an uptick in requests for experts who can provide informed and implementable strategies and solutions regarding sustainability, environmental best practices, ESGs, and preparing for the future. Meet some of the speakers leading the charge against climate change and see what topics we’ve been recommending this fall.

The Future Is Now: Solving the Climate Crisis with Today’s Technologies

Bob McDonald

Bob McDonald

Host of CBC Radio’s Quirks & Quarks

Is a global pandemic what it took to show us that saving our planet is possible? The absence of “regular” human activities dramatically affected our environment — Venice’s waters have returned to a sparkling blue in the absence of motorized boats and gondolas, deer have been spotted roaming cities in Italy, and whales have returned to Vancouver’s harbours.

Drawing from his new book, The Future Is Now: Solving the Climate Crisis with Today’s TechnologiesBob McDonald guides audiences to a greener future, exploring how new technologies can help us counter climate change.

Re-Imagining a New Way Forward with Intention

Sheila Watt-Cloutier

Sheila Watt-Cloutier

Environmental, Cultural, and Human Rights Advocate

Nobel Peace Prize nominee Sheila Watt-Cloutier speaks with passion and urgency on the issues of today — the environment, the economy, foreign policy, global health, and sustainability — not as separate concerns, but as a deeply interconnected whole.

In her enlightening keynotes, Sheila brings the realities of the Arctic to the forefront, exploring the profound challenges the Inuit are facing due to the industries we support, the disposable world we have become, and the non-sustaining policies we create. With a focus on solutions, Sheila provides a bridge to some extremely divided gaps around the world.

Reaching Net-Zero: Building a Sustainable Future

Catherine McKenna

The Hon. Catherine McKenna

Former Minister of the Environment and Climate Change

The Honourable Catherine McKenna is dedicated to drastically reducing global emissions by 2030. As chair of the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Expert Group on Net-Zero Commitments of Non-State Entities, she’s been tasked with helping organizations “walk the talk on their net-zero promises”.

We have the solutions, McKenna says, and now it’s a matter of taking action. She shares actionable strategies on how, as individuals and organizations, we can build a sustainable future for our planet.

Future of ESGs: Innovation in Sustainability

Nicole Verkindt Headshot Apr 2023

Nicole Verkindt

Tech Entrepreneur | Angel Investor | CEO, Buggy

Nicole Verkindt is the founder of the innovative tech platform, OMX, which has grown into one of the largest supplier ESG data providers. She has watched firsthand as ESGs have grown in prominence and complexity over the past decade, and helps audiences better understand why ESGs matter, the varying needs of stakeholders who reference ESGs, and how technology is going to play a growing part in the rating process.

With her experience and expertise, Nicole guides audiences through this increasingly important component of modern business.

Contact us to learn more about our sustainability and climate change experts and how they’re helping audiences tackle one of the most pressing issues of our time.

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