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Fall Trending Topic: The Future of Work

Fall Trending Topic: The Future of Work

It’s no secret that the world of work has evolved an incredible amount in the past two years. From how we communicate to where we work and what is expected from our leaders, trying to keep up with the changes has been an unending challenge.

In our most recent eBlast, we explored the difficulty of re-connecting after spending almost two years apart, introducing some of our most in-demand experts who speak to leadership and collaboration in a hybrid world. Below, we’ve rounded up a few more of our future of work experts and their popular keynote topics that are helping leaders and their teams learn how to better navigate a world disrupted.

Navigating The Future of Work with Attunement, Resilience, and Creativity

Hamza Khan

Hamza Khan

Future of Work and People-First Leadership Expert | Bestselling Author

Working alongside tireless technology, leadership expert Hamza Khan says the demand for more “human” skills, particularly critical thinking, creativity, and complex information processing, will dramatically increase in the future.

To succeed in the face of uncertainty, Hamza shows how leaning into four uniquely human qualities — servitude, innovation, diversity, and empathy — can help ensure that the rate of change inside an organization exceeds the rate of change on the outside.

Hope-Forward: Steadying Our Steps After a Challenging Season

Robyne Hanley-Dafoe Headshot

Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe

Expert on Resiliency and Workplace Wellness

As humans we are hardwired for struggle, and we have adapted and found innovative ways of showing up the best we can during this period of radical change. For many, this has come at a cost. Organizations and their teams are tired, depleted, and burnt out, but we have to find a way to move forward.

In this season of rising after challenging times, Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe says we have a unique opportunity to co-create our future. As we plan our next moves, it is imperative that we acknowledge the past while also set a steady course for re-entry.

In her eye-opening talk, Robyne shares her conceptual framework for re-entry readiness that is based on the principles of psychological safety, resiliency, and productivity with purpose.

The Perfect Storm: What Is Really Causing the Talent Shortage and What to Do About It

Eric-Termuende-Headshot 2024

Eric Termuende

Future of Work and Leadership Expert

A storm is brewing and the clouds are rolling in — a talent crisis is on the horizon and COVID isn’t the only thing to blame. A globally recognized thought leader, bestselling author, and speaker, Eric Termuende brings a fresh perspective to workplace culture and the future of work.

In this research-heavy, eye-opening, and actionable presentation, Eric dives deep into the root causes of The Great Resignation and looming national talent shortage. He shares key steps leaders can take today to attract top talent and build incredible teams, sustain growth, and thrive in the future of work, no matter what it may bring.

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