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Cameron Bailey Named CEO of Toronto International Film Festival

Cameron Bailey Named CEO of Toronto International Film Festival

After working with the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) for 25 years, Cameron Bailey is now stepping into the role of CEO with the mission of building a festival “for the future while offering audiences a transformative TIFF experience all year round.”

One of the Festival’s most visible representatives in Canada and in the film industry in general, Cameron spent 11 years as a Festival programmer, programming and hosting TIFF’s highly successful subscription series “Reel Talk”, heading its “Perspective Canada” series, and founding its “Planet Africa” section. He was then promoted to artistic director, and then to the dual role of artistic director and co-head alongside Joana Vicente.

In an article published in Variety, Jeffrey Remedios, the new chair of TIFF’s board of directors, said:

“I could not be more assured in my first act as Chair representing the TIFF Board in the appointment of Cameron Bailey as CEO. Cameron is a luminary in the global film industry and his committed leadership, strategic perspective and unparalleled passion has already built an essential foundation for this organization. His immeasurable depth of cinematic knowledge, his astute understanding of this ever-changing industry, and the evolving technologies that impact the way we share stories through film will shape TIFF’s future and I look forward to supporting his vision for years to come.”

Few people understand the importance of the arts and cultural sector better than Cameron. As a keynote speaker, he shares his wealth of knowledge about growing a cultural organization, engaging staff at all levels, and harnessing the power of community to capture the attention of the world.

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