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Fuel Your Summer Adventures with Great Books and Podcasts

Fuel Your Summer Adventures with Great Books and Podcasts

With things looking up for the second half of 2021, we’re all itching to get outdoors this summer! And what makes summer days even better? Good books and great podcasts. Fuel your summer adventures with these recommended reads and “listens”.


Inspirational Memoirs

Be inspired by these journeys of self-discovery!

Award-winning playwright Trey Anthony has written the book she needed to read as a black woman trying to navigate a world filled with unique challenges that often acts like she doesn’t exist. She breaks down the lessons and tools she used to heal her life.

Olympian Perdita Felicien reflects on her relationship with her mother and how her love, girt and faith propelled Perdita to the top of her sport. It’s a book about the power of a parent’s love to transform their child’s life.

Growing up, Mark Henick was overwhelmed by depression and anxiety that led to a series of increasingly dangerous suicide attempts. So-Called Normal is a vivid and personal account of his mental health challenges and his journey toward healing and recovery.

Feeling disconnected from his family and the world around him, Bruce Kirkby needed a change. This decision led he and his family to the heart of the Himalaya. In this refuge, Bruce discovered ways to slow down, observe, listen, and, ultimately, better understand his son on the autism spectrum.


Whether you’re staying on-screen or moving to in-person, freshen up your communication skills.

An expert on digital teamwork, Erica Dhawan combines cutting edge research with engaging storytelling to decode the new signals and cues of body language in our digital world to help foster connection, no matter the distance.

Suneel Gupta shares insight into how successful people are able to persuade others to take a chance on them drawing on lessons from hundreds of the world’s biggest thinkers.

If negotiation gives you butterflies, Fotini Iconomopoulos shows you how to hone your negotiation skills with her simple and innovative strategies so that you can confidently get what you want in business and in life.

Riaz Meghji digs deep into why millions of people find themselves more isolated than ever today despite the many technologies that are supposed to connect us, and examines the enormous human cost of a pandemic of loneliness.

Business Strategy

Thinking differently is the new currency of the business world. Learn how to get ahead from these innovative thinkers.

Afdhel Aziz and Bobby Jones are some of the most inspiring leaders in the global movement of using business as a force for good. Their second book uses case studies of brands like Adidas, Nike, Patagonia and more to show why purpose-driven brands are leading competitors.

Traditional leadership has been long overdue for a reinvention. Hamza Khan shares exercises and techniques to develop effective leadership skills needed for today’s climate.

Creativity expert Josh Linkner shows how small creative acts can unlock massive rewards over time, and why individuals and organization who strive for daily micro-innovations are better equipped to tackle tough challenges and seize transformational opportunities.


Resiliency expert Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe provides a new, attainable model for everyday resiliency. By focusing on research-informed, sustainable, and achievable personal development practices, she maps out a kinder approach to taking on life’s challenges and developing authentic self-alignment and balance.


Important Conversations

Maydianne Andrade podcast, "The New Normal"

Maydianne Andrade
“The New Normal”

Orlando Brown's podcast, "It's Complicated"

Orlando Bowen
“It’s Complicated”

Tanya Talaga's podcast, "Seven Truths"

Tanya Talaga
“Seven Truths”

The global pandemic altered our daily lives, Maydianne Andrade explores how we’re coping and what kind of future we’re building in the process. Orlando Bowen seeks to build bridges through conversations about the cultural climate in Canada, specifically on how we can dismantle systemic racism. Using the Seven Grandfather Teachings that guide Anishinaabe life, Tanya Talaga explores how Indigenous people see the world and themselves in it.


Personal Growth

Chris Bailey podcast, "Becoming Better"

Chris Bailey
“Becoming Better”

Kate Davis Podcast, "So Now You Are Dying, What Are You Doing to Live"

Kate Davis
“So Now You Are Dying What Are You Doing to Live”

Neil Pasricha podcast, "3 Books"

Neil Pasricha
“3 Books”

Dedicated to making you a better human being, Chris Bailey covers topics such as productivity, procrastination, money, happiness, giving back, travel, gratitude, and disconnecting. Kate Davis gives listeners an intimate look at terminal illness and death, exploring the fear behind them and how people are experiencing and embracing them. Happiness expert Neil Pasricha uncovers and discusses the three most formative books of inspiring people on his 15-year mission to uncover the 1000 most formative books in the world.


Health and Wellness


Mark Henick's podcast, "Living Well"

Mark Henick
“Living Well”

Dr. Greg Wells' Podcast, "The Dr. Greg's Podcast"

Dr. Greg Wells
“Dr. Greg Wells podcast”

Mental health advocate Mark Henick explores our “new normal” post-COVID and how it’s impacting our health and wellness. Dr. Greg Wells is joined by leading experts to break down the science of health, human performance, and ultimate potential.


Financial Advice

Preet Banerjee's Podcast, "Mostly Money"

Preet Banerjee
“Mostly Money”

Bruce Sellery's podcast, "Moolala"

Bruce Sellery
“Moolala: Money Made Simple”

Explore all things money with Preet Banerjee, and take control of your finances. Bruce Sellery helps listeners get a handle on their money, so they can live the life they want.


True Crime

A Death in Cryptoland

Takara Small
“A Death in Cryptoland”

When the young CEO of Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is reported dead while honeymooning in India, it set off a cataclysmic chain of events that left 76,000 people out of a quarter of a billion dollars, and a trail of conspiracy theories around whether Gerald Cotten is dead or alive. Hosted by Takara Small, this series is about a crypto-tycoon, his secret past, a death shrouded in mystery, and an online sleuth’s obsession to unravel the truth.

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