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Robin Esrock: Confessions of a Travel Writer

Robin Esrock: Confessions of a Travel Writer

Robin Esrock has visited more than 100 countries on seven continents. A global adventurer, renowned travel writer, bestselling author, and international TV personality, Robin shares lessons from his out-of-the-box life on the road to help others breakthrough boundaries, manage risk, and connect with each other through the power of story.

He joined us in our office to share the profound impact travel has had on his life. It’s provided him with more than just a vocation, but also insight into himself, humanity, and what connects us all.

In this first clip, Robin shares what he was thinking before he set out on his first one-year, solo trip around the world. His friends and family thought he was crazy, but he knew that through this trip he would find himself in a situation that would leave him exposed and vulnerable. And from this, he would learn something profound about himself; how he deals with that moment would dictate everything in his life moving forward.

This moment came. He found himself lost in the middle of a desert completely alone. He was out of options, and, in this moment of despair, he had an epiphany and found peace.

Robin also spoke about the impact people had on him while traveling. Knowing he would meet hundreds of people on his year-long backpacking adventure, he wanted to document each encounter by asking them three questions and posting their answers on his travel blog.

He asked more than 1700 people to finish the following thoughts:

  • I’m inspired by…
  • Tell me a mistake you’ve learned from…
  • Today, I’m grateful for…

From these questions, he found a common thread amongst the answers, universal traits shared across different cultures. No one regretted not having enough money or not having more things, instead their regrets were not telling loved ones how they feel, not traveling enough, not living their life to the fullest. People were inspired by books, people, music, and nature. And their gratitude was towards their health, family, home, etc.

Interested in learning more about Robin and what he can bring to your next event? Email us at [email protected].