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Liane Davey: Using Conflict to Build Productive Teams

Liane Davey: Using Conflict to Build Productive Teams

In the modern workplace, conflict has become a dirty word. After all, it’s antithetical to teamwork, employee engagement, and a positive company culture — or is it? The teamwork doctor Liane Davey joined us in our office to share insights into creating a culture of productive conflict that empowers teams to handle even the most contentious conflicts as allies instead of adversaries.

In her new book, The Good Fight: Use Productive Conflict to Get Your Team and Organization Back on Track, Liane shares real-world examples and practical tools to help both organizations and individuals create the healthy conflict they need to grow.

Without conflict, she says, organizations stall out. They don’t make the tough business choices, they spread their resources too thin, and they aren’t innovative because they avoid the kind of clashes that may actually spark innovation.

Watch the video below to hear more:

Liane also lamented the tired, old posters where teamwork is illustrated by a bunch of people all “rowing” in the same direction. In reality, she says, teams often pull in different directions because each person may be responsible for different functions and accountable to different stakeholders. This doesn’t mean you’re an ineffective team.

In the video below, Liane illustrates how teams with different priorities can still be effective and shares an exercise that organizations can use to breakdown silos between departments.

Having worked with organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, from across the globe helping teams from the frontlines to the boardroom, Liane Davey has developed a unique perspective on the challenges that teams face — and how to solve them.

Using her expertise in strategy and group dynamics, Liane delivers the perfect combination of education and entertainment to help leaders and teams make an immediate impact on their organizations.

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