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How Neuroscience Can Make Us Better Communicators

How Neuroscience Can Make Us Better Communicators

Gregor Jeffrey started his career in the Calgary defence sector. While he was very good at his job, he found that his leadership skills were hindered by his inability to communicate. He made it his mission to find the secret to being an effective communicator. After launching his own research project, he found the key — neuroscience.

Since then, using neuroscience-based research, Gregor has helped thousands of executives, leaders, and business professionals immediately increase their performance by enhancing their communication skills — including the Speakers’ Spotlight team!

Gregor stopped by our office to show us the simple way to deliver the right information at exactly the right moment to engage each member of your audience every time you speak, whether it’s in meetings, on the phone, or during presentations. He introduced us to our neurological or cognitive preferences — basically things your brain likes to do — and how understanding them can make us more effective communicators.

Watch the clip below to learn more:

As the Founder of Jeffrey Strategic, Gregor Jeffrey draws on proven neuroscience to deliver innovative talks and workshops on effective communication to organizations across North America, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to non-profits.

Interested in learning more about Gregor and what he can bring to your next event? Email us at [email protected].

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