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Celebrating Pride Month with Leading Speakers on Diversity, Individuality, and Authenticity

Celebrating Pride Month with Leading Speakers on Diversity, Individuality, and Authenticity

Happy Pride Month! To celebrate, we are showcasing inspiring speakers who use their own stories of overcoming adversity to help others create more inclusive environments that embrace diversity and individuality, and help break down barriers.

Mark Tewksbury | Olympic Gold Medalist & Humanitarian

Mark Tewksbury is a true icon — recognized for his achievements in sport, public speaking, and humanitarianism.

Mark came out as Canada’s first openly gay sports star almost 20 years ago, and has been a leader and mentor in the global LGBT human rights movement ever since. Author of three books, including Inside Out: Straight Talk from a Gay Jock, Mark is one of the few openly gay Olympic champions in the world. He co-founded OATH with other leading athletes and advocates to take a difficult but necessary step to hold the International Olympic Committee accountable to its own ideals.

In his talk Human Rights and Diversity: Straight Talk from a Gay Jock Mark speaks to human rights, diversity, and inclusion, drawing on his personal experiences as someone who was once in the margins to someone who made headlines and, by doing so, broke down barriers for not only gay athletes but all those who feel unable to embrace their authentic selves in today’s society.

He is also the co-founder of Great Traits, a training and development company that helps people succeed in competitive, performance-driven environments.

Trey Anthony | Award-Winning Canadian Playwright & Diversity Expert

Trey Anthony was the first Canadian black woman to have her own program on a prime-time Canadian network. Based on her ground-breaking play of the same name, ‘da Kink in My Hair was a television hit and put her on the map as a mentor and role model.

In her Diversity Training Basics talk, Trey provides organizations with basic training on diversity to create a supportive environment for all employees. She guides people through difficult conversations about race, gender, class, and sexuality to help others understand the best way to approach these sensitive realities.

Trey volunteers with the Black Queer Youth Group and founded the Trey Anthony@One Centre in Toronto, a women-focused, creative wellness facility, where she offers classes on creative writing, well-being, and spirituality.

Sabrina Jalees | Comedic Star

Sabrina Jalees’ comedy has taken the world by storm. Opening for the likes of Russell Peters and a headliner comic in her own right, Sabrina never fails to draw laughter with her shoot-from-the-hip style.

As a keynote speaker, Sabrina tells her personal story with sincerity and wit, relaying the message that when you own and embrace your individuality, you unlock the transformation from “embarrassed” to “empowered.”

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