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Spotlight On: Mike Lipkin, World-Renowned Motivator and Communicator

Spotlight On: Mike Lipkin, World-Renowned Motivator and Communicator

Mike Lipkin brings out the best in leaders and employees around the world. The founder and president of Environics/Lipkin, and the author of numerous bestselling motivational books, he combines Environics’ trademark “social values research” with his personal expertise to provide people with the confidence and insight to take powerful action and achieve pre-eminence in their lives. We’re thrilled to put Mike in our spotlight today:

What inspired you to want to be a speaker?

I experienced a bout of clinical depression in my late twenties. I also stuttered as a young adult. Being a motivational speaker was aspirational on both counts. Learning how to be inspired and inspire others has been central to my well-being ever since. It also helps to laugh at oneself as often as possible.

Any advice for aspiring speakers?

Be a maestro – that is, someone who is so skilled that people are amazed by your delivery. Whatever you do, show how much you are enjoying yourself.

What do you like to leave audiences with?

Three things: a sense of personal well-being, a reminder that they have all the power they need to succeed and a set of tools that will help them achieve immediate results.

How do you prepare before a talk? Any special rituals? A good luck talisman?

I always work out so that I feel physically invigorated. I visualize success in advance – I see the audience enjoying themselves. I say my key points out loud to myself so I get used to saying them before I get on stage. Whenever possible, I also go through a dry run with my slides on stage. I also wear my favourite Carvali shoes.

Do you have an especially memorable event you can tell us about?

I recently did a program in Dubai for DHL to 1200 people from 110 different countries. There was perfect unity in the room. National differences are nothing compared to a global commitment to excellence and integrity.

Any funny or embarrassing situations you found yourself in as a speaker?

As a motivational speaker, I’m always expected to be upbeat and extroverted. Someone saw me at the airport recently and I was having a down moment. She looked at me and asked, “You’re Mike Lipkin, aren’t you? Shouldn’t you be smiling?”

Is there a charitable cause that you feel passionate about? Why?

Mount Sinai Hospital, because it provides world-class care to anyone that walks through its doors. It has saved my life and my daughter’s life in the past five years.

If you had to choose a new career, what would it be?

I would like to be a playwright and Broadway/ movie actor. Kevin Spacey is my hero.

Desert island album?

Samantha Marinaro – I Told You This Would Happen.

Best subject in school?


Last book you read?

Give and Take, by Adam Grant.

Last film you saw?

The Hypnotist – a great Swedish psychological thriller.

Celebrity crush?

Jennifer Connelly; Don Cheadle.

Favourite vacation spot?

The Greek Islands.