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Michael Bungay Stanier Interviews Dan Pontefract

Michael Bungay Stanier Interviews Dan Pontefract

Organizational Change Coach Michael Bungay Stanier believes it’s time for companies to stop doing good work, and start doing great work. Named “Canadian Coach of the Year” in 2006, Bungay Stanier’s speeches and training workshops infuse audiences with enthusiasm and excitement for what’s possible, while helping them get “unstuck” and get going on the work that matters. Michael had the opportunity to sit down with Dan Pontefract, the author of Flat Army, to discuss how Dan strives to push the boundaries of organizational change to create workplace cultures that shine.

In the interview, Michael and Dan touch on:

  • The fundamental error in treating employees like numbers (or gladiators);
  • The need for connected leaders who are equally involved in “becoming, being and going beyond”;
  • Why trust is crucial to organizational success;
  • How to increase people’s capacity to trust; and
  • The role of collaboration in creating employee engagement.

Take a listen to the interview here.