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Endless suffering – The Summit of Cho Oyu

December 19, 2011 by Speakers' Spotlight

It’s 1:00am and we still haven’t left camp for the summit. The wind is violently shaking our little North Face tent at 7100M above sea level. What happened to our perfect weather forecast?

Elia Saikaly - Mt. Cho Oyu

Married to a Hustle Called Comedy

December 14, 2011 by Speakers' Spotlight

It began on Dec. 29 1997. A comedy club called Yuk Yuk's would be my start. It was known for providing a stage for young comedians and I had come to know of the venue and comedy in Canada two weeks ea...

Gilson Lubin

Why event planners should ‘start with why’

December 9, 2011 by Speakers' Spotlight

Over the past two years, our busiest speaker has been Simon Sinek, who came to prominence in 2009, following the publication of his book, Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Act...

The Golden Circle

Once Upon A Time…

November 23, 2011 by Speakers' Spotlight

With more technology available to help us tell stories, we’ve lost the art of crafting the content of the stories and have relied on gadgets and software to tell them for us. Here are 5 tips that ca...

Ron Tite