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How to Know Exactly What to Say

How to Know Exactly What to Say

Sales Expert and Bestselling Author Phil Jones has made it his life’s work to demystify the sales process, reframe what it means to “sell”, and help sales teams learn new skills that empower confidence, overcome fears, and instantaneously impact their results. His contagious personality and his high-level, practical strategies motivate and inspire everyone to achieve better results and help to build a driven company culture.

In a recent profile in Forbes, Jones shares some great ways to change how we think about sales and open up new avenues to untapped customers and increased sales figures. He manages to do all that in a uplifting way that sheds all the stereotypical “sleaze” attached to sales tactics advice. Here’s a taste:

What I enjoy most about Phil’s approach is his sincerity and his ability to cut through noise. He also provides clear cut advice to help even introverts become better salespeople — without feeling sleazy.

“In a world littered with smoke and mirrors, what I’ve seen work best is blatant, well packaged honesty.” Speaking with him felt like more like a workshop than an interview.

One of reasons why salespeople regress from achieving their goals is because their confidence has taken a hit. I’ve seen people get fired because of it.“If you’re not convinced, you cannot convince. The first sale that ever needs to happen is to believe what you’re selling is worth it.” Phil explained how we blame external factors like the products being too expensive for our lack of success. When deep down inside we have to fall in love with the repetition of monotonous activity to often be successful.

“The key isn’t to turn prospects from no to yes – it’s to focus on the ones who are semi-interested in your product and move them to yes versus them choosing a competitor or indecision,” he said.

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