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How to Thrive in the Future of Work: Building Future-Ready Organizations

How to Thrive in the Future of Work:  Building Future-Ready Organizations

We’ve lived through a historical period of uncertainty and change that’s sparked an evolution of how, where, and why we work.

As organizations seek to meet the demands of our rapidly changing world, our experts address today’s pressing issues — from talent retention and DEI to workplace culture and wellness — to help leaders and their teams thrive no matter what the future of work may bring.

Modern Leadership

Hamza Khan

Hamza Khan

Future of Work and People-First Leadership Expert | Bestselling Author

Where will humans fit in tomorrow’s workplace? And how can leaders help them thrive? To succeed in the face of uncertainty, Hamza Khan argues we need a new style of leadership that leans into uniquely human qualities that are difficult, if not impossible, to automate.

Khan shows audiences how to operationalize the intertwined values of servitude, innovation, diversity, and empathy to guarantee that the rate of change inside an organization far exceeds the rate of change on the outside.

Combating "The Great Resignation"

Eric-Termuende-Headshot 2024

Eric Termuende

Future of Work and Leadership Expert

A storm has been brewing these last couple of years and the clouds are starting to roll in. A talent crisis is on the horizon and COVID isn’t the only thing to blame. Eric Termuende brings audiences on a deep dive into “The Great Resignation”. He explores the true causes behind it and key steps organizations and leaders can take today to build trust, engagement, and belonging within their teams to thrive in the future of work.

Moments that Matter: Leading Culture Now

Pam August

Pam August

Former Director, Culture Activation at WestJet

Discover why the best way to predict the future is to co-create it. The global pandemic has freed us from long-held patterns, creating a uniquely sticky time for re-shaping an organization’s culture. Pam August shows audiences how to lead culture by design — not default — and activate untapped potential within existing teams for greater performance and impact now, and far into the future.

Diversity, Inclusion, and the Future of Work

Sinead Bovell

Sinead Bovell

Futurist | AI and Future of Work Expert

No longer can conversations about digital transformation and diversity and inclusion be separate. In the coming decade, nearly every company will adopt intelligent technologies — whether through applying artificial intelligence to recruiting processes or using AI to drive customer insights.

Sinead Bovell says it’s crucial we act now to prevent historical power imbalances and human biases from getting coded into the future. She walks audiences through this digital transformation, exploring how we can use it to accelerate equality and create a tech-centric society that works effectively for everyone.

Talent Strategy: Your Most Valuable Asset

Steve Cadigan

Steve Cadigan

Future of Work | Talent Strategist | Company Culture Expert

Today’s digital world requires a new strategy for building great teams. What it takes to attract, hire, and create value in an organization is vastly different than it used to be, and the skills and abilities needed to succeed have changed substantially.

For 30 years, Steve Cadigan has been at the forefront of global talent strategy and company culture, building some of the most successful cultures in business at LinkedIn and Cisco. He advises leaders on how to build a talent strategy and culture to thrive in this constantly evolving new world of work.

Hope-Forward: Steadying Our Steps After a Challenging Season

Robyne Hanley-Dafoe Headshot

Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe

Expert on Resiliency and Workplace Wellness

As the world prepares to awaken, people are left at varying degrees of readiness. Some are nervous while others eagerly await a return to the rhythms and routines of their lives. As organizations plan their next moves, they turn to Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe. Her conceptual framework for re-entry readiness helps organizations set a steady course for their teams based on the principles of psychological safety, resiliency, and productivity with purpose.

Virtual Speaker Series

Learn how to lead from anywhere! Leading business thinker David Burkus joined us for our recent Virtual Speaker Series session to share tips on how to build high performing remote and hybrid teams.

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