Nicole Verkindt

Nicole Verkindt

Tech Entrepreneur | Founder, OMX

Nicole Verkindt is passionate about leveraging the talents of entrepreneurs and innovation. Named “Canada’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” by StartUp Canada in 2017, Verkindt has a knack for finding industry gaps and building innovative platforms and technology to fill them. Speaking to the importance of entrepreneurial and disruptive thinking, diversity in leadership, technology, and innovation, Verkindt empowers audiences to turn their ideas into success.

In 2012, Verkindt founded and launched OMX — the only online platform of its kind that manages complex supply chains in the mining, energy, infrastructure, aerospace and public sector around the world. The technology platform specializes in assisting organizations to maximize positive socio-economic impacts from spending activities.

Verkindt also sits on the board of the Canadian Commercial Corporation and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and is a member of the Business Council of Canada (BCC), made up of the CEOs of the 100 largest companies in Canada. In 2019, she was appointed as the co-chair of the BCC’s Task Force on Canada’s Economic Future.

A frequent commentator in the media, Verkindt is a technology columnist for Vanguard magazine, and often appears on CBC, BNN, and Newstalk 1010. She is also currently an investor on Gimlet Media’s “The Pitch” in the US, and was previously a “Dragon” on CBC’s Next Gen Den, which focused on early stage technology. In 2018, Verkindt was awarded the Peter Brojde Award for Next Generation Executive Leadership.


Nicole Verkindt admits to only ever interviewing once for a “job” that she was interested in (a “huge flop”, she says), and her first and only job with a “real boss” was 100% commission based. An entrepreneur from the beginning of her career, Verkindt believes that the skills required to be successful in entrepreneurship are no different if you are a farmer, an owner of manufacturing facilities, a technology entrepreneur, or anything in between. In this inspirational and information-packed talk, Verkindt shows entrepreneurs how to turn ideas into success, and be entrepreneurial in any role.

Innovation, Technology, and Disruption

Nicole Verkindt is passionate about technology. She is the tech commentator for CBC and the technology columnist for Vanguard magazine, and was previously a “dragon” on CBC’s tech-focused web series Next Gen Den, in addition to being the founder of tech-driven company OMX.

In this riveting talk, Verkindt explains how investment in technology can drive competitive growth, and shows audiences how to leverage technology as a competitive advantage. She walks through the latest technology trends and what they could mean specifically for her audience, and provides steps for how any role in an organization can be innovative and entrepreneurial.

Women/Diversity in Business Leadership

The new economy we are living in, driven by exponential technology growth, has created a new power structure globally, and thus new rules for how to succeed. Nicole Verkindt sees this technology revolution as the greatest opportunity to drive diversity throughout organizations. With data and anecdotes, Verkindt proves that embracing diversity is the key for organizations to innovate, grow, and thrive in this new uncertain paradox.

Canadian Competitiveness

As the newly appointed Co-Chair of the Business Council of Canada (BCC) Task force on Canada’s Economic Future, Nicole Verkindt discusses the key elements required to make Canada more competitive around the world. De-regulation, tax policy changes, embracing innovation, and more will all be key to Canada’s economic future.